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      Pros & Cons of Automatic vs Manual Transmission in Cars.

      The confusion to which transmission to opt for. Let’s discuss and find out the pros and cons involve in choosing an automatic over a manual or manual over a automatic.

      Automatic Transmission Pros

      • Thereis lot of convenience that an automatic transmission have.
      • It is easy for learners as well.
      • Having just two pedals to deal withand makes it easy and lesser things to concentrate on.
      • Automatic cars don’t start unless they have some mechanical issues.
      • There are a wide variety of automatic transmission on offer these days like AMT, dual-clutch, CVT, iMT, and torque converter.
      • Also There are only two pedals are in use.
      • There is storage space in the centre console because the gear lever is on the steering column.
      • Paddle shifters are quite easy to use.

      Automatic Transmission Cons

      • When you learn to drive on an automatic car then manual will prove to be a boring task.
      • Automatic transmissions need more maintenance as you end up using the brakes more than in a manual.
      • Automatic transmissions depends on their category and service also need the transmission fluids to be changed.
      • Replacing or fixing an auto transmission is a much costly.
      • If your auto car breaks down then you cannot push start it or push it to the side of the road.
      • Not all roadside mechanics are knowing repairing automatic transmissions.
      • Fuel economy of few automatic cars might be lower than their manual.
      • Automatic cars cost more than a manual transmission-equipped.
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      Manual Transmission Pros

      • One can also change gears at their will.
      • A manual transmission-equipped car driver can also easily drive an automatic.
      • Manual-equipped cars are slightly more fun than automatics though this is debatable.
      • While using of emergency braking you can also downshift a couple of gears to bring in more engine braking and theoretically stopping the car effectively.
      • Manual transmissions are easy to repair and are comparatively easier on the pocket.
      • Cars with manual transmissions are usually more fuel-efficient and are priced lower than automatics.

      Manual Transmission Cons

      • Because of the clutch pedal Manual transmissions can be tiring to drive in traffic.
      • If the clutch plates wear out it takes a toll on the fuel economy, moreover as driving expertise. A learner driver typically encompasses a robust time negotiating gearshifts on associate degree incline.

      Let us know which one do you prefer.


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