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      Reason Why You Should Stop Using Thumbs-up Emoji in Chats Right Now | Answer Inside

      In today’s fast-pace world, most of our online interactions involve the usage of emojis. Who has time to type for that long sentence? With a wide range of emojis to choose from, it is much easier to express our thoughts.

      But the point is that, how many of us know what each of these emojis stands for?

      A popular emoji that almost everyone uses is the Thumbs Up.

      It is often sent to display our approval to something or just as a substitute for ‘ok’.

      A TikTok user name as @genwhyscarlett earlier this year, share a one-minute long video talking about the real meaning of emojis as Gen Z kids use them and the thumbs up emoji was one of them.

      According to The Sun, Scarlett reveale that the thumbs-up emoji was meant to denote passive-aggressiveness.

      “If you ever receive the thumbs up emoji, be insulted immediately,”.

      That probably means that many of us have insulte the people we have sent the emoji to without either them or us knowing it.

      Scarlett also point out that many other emojis are also interpreted wrongly as we do not know their real purpose.

      Talking about the other emojis, Scarlett said that the teary-eye emoji represents innocence or being horny.

      Scarlett also point out that the sideways face emoji, which has one eye larger than the other and sticks its tongue out, implies “silly”.

      An inverted face emoji means to fret with life while two eyes mean that we are listening.

      Scarlett also reveal in the video that she got to know these since she was sharing a college dorm with Gen Z students, who had a hang of what these emojis stood for.

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      This sure is a revelation for a lot of the not so young people.

      But now you know and better late than never.

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