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      Reown : Customers Can Now Buy Used Royal Enfield Bikes Officially by New Service | Details Inside

      Now it easier for buyers to officially buy and sell second-hand Royal Enfield bikes via their new program, call as ‘Reown’. The idea behind this initiative is to provide customers with easy access to ownership by facilitating sale and purchase of use Royal Enfield bikes with good pricing, easier documentation process and complete assurance by the brand. 

      Name transfer for preown purchases will be facilitate by Royal Enfield dealers.

      But buyers who are planning on buying using finance facilities like EMI will have to pay for the paperwork. 

      Prices of Royal Enfield models are fix and determine based on data such as the model’s current market price, demand and supply of the bike, service record, refurbishment work done and many others.

      Buyers who purchase a pre-own Royal Enfield bike also have the option of returning it within 7 days if they are not good going with their bike.

      The Reown service can be avail via the Royal Enfield website or by visiting Royal Enfield dealerships in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai.

      The pre-own Royal Enfield bike market is one that puts off many customers due to many scamsters and owners over-quoting prices of their bikes.

      But now with Renown, Royal Enfield promises 200 plus technical and mechanical checks on use bikes so customers can buy them without having to worry.

      There’s also an exchange offer for new customers which allows them to trade their old bikes from other manufacturers for a new Royal Enfield bike.

      This will also make it easier for the Royal Enfield to tap into a larger set of customers. 

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      Reown will also help old customers upgrade to more premium models by selling their old Royal Enfield bike.

      There’s also the loyalty benefits offer to customers selling via the Reown program such as Rs 5000 worth of Genuine Motorcycle Accessories which can be avail on the next Royal Enfield bike purchase.

      Royal Enfield has partner up with HDFC and IDFC enabling attractive finance options for customers.

      A partnership with use vehicle website OLX has also reach to enable easy discovery and accessibility for certified pre-own Royal Enfield bikes.

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