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      Twitter Puts a Limit on Edit Button Only Five Edits Allowed Within 30 Minutes : Report

      Twitter announce last week that it is working to roll out an edit button on there platform. The feature will be initially available to Twitter Blue subscribers in selected countries before being release world wide.

      The much-awaited edit feature will enable users to go back and edit their tweets within 30 minutes.

      Twitter will reportedly limit users to make only five edits within that period.

      As this new feature could have add by Twitter to prevent users from exploring the new edit feature.

      As per a report, Twitter purportedly confirm that the new edit button will allow users to edit their tweets only five times in a period of 30 minutes.

      During this period, they can correct typos, upload media files, and edit tags.

      The report further mentions that the edit button will be initially available to Twitter Blue subscribers in New Zealand.

      Twitter is reportedly observing user behaviour with this new feature.

      So, it is seemingly thinking over whether the edit limit should be change within the set period.

      Twitter will reportedly release this feature for Twitter Blue users in Australia, Canada, and the US.

      There have concerns that the edit feature could be use to spread political misinformation or crypto scams.

      In these use cases can only be studied when the feature is available to a wider user base.

      Twitter reveale details about the edit button last week.

      It has confirm that an edit tweet will be mark with an icon, label, and timestamp to indicate that it has tweak.

      You will be able to check the edit history of the tweet with the original post.

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      Twitter has also unveile the undo feature that allows users to cancel a tweet within thirty seconds of hitting the send button.

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