UPDATE : Battlegrounds Mobile India Update 1.6.5 to Bring Runic Power | Virus Infection – Halloween Modes | Many More features

Battlegrounds Mobile India will receive an update that will bring various new features to the popular battle royale game. The 1.6.5 update has been showcase by developer Krafton through an Instagram post.

Many of the new features for Battlegrounds Mobile India have already roll out while the others will be release to players within this month.

Krafton has announce that it has ban more than 81,000 accounts for cheating violations during the week starting from 1st October 2021.

Krafton announce the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India update with an Instagram post.

First features that players have already got is the Metro Royale : Reunion mode which made available on 28th September 2021.

The new game mode allows players to bring items found during the game to the loadout inventory as loots, provides the players reach the return point in the stipulate time.

Players will then be able to use these items in the next match or sell them off in the black market for Metro Cash that helps players buy special items for the Metro Royale : Reunion mode.

This mode contains three maps and the maps are unlock according to the FAME level of the player.

The Metro Royale : Reunion mode has four different sub-modes Basic, Undercover, Advanced, and Assault.

Battlegrounds Mobile India added the Vikendi map on 8th October 2021.

The snow-cover map spans 6km in each direction.

Players get to use the Snowmobile vehicle and the G36C gun.

The Runic Power mode will be available for players starting 15th October 2021.

Players will have the option to select between three runes Arctic, Flame, and Wind at the spawn island.

Each rune gets special skills divided under offence and defence.

Each skill uses some rune crystals when use.

The Arctic rune creates an ice wall for defence and uses freezing ammo as an offensive skill.

The Flame rune gets a Magma wheel and Scorching ammo as an offensive skill.

Last feature the Wind rune lets players create a Wind Shelter to reduce the damage from the enemy’s bullets and the Wind Boost skill increases the players reloading and movement speed.

Battlegrounds Mobile India will get the Survive till Dawn mode on 22nd October 2021.

The players would need to fend off infected zombies in the Erangel map and there are a few rewards if players defeat the zombies as well as their boss.

As per reports Payload 2.0 mode to schedule to release on 31st October 2021 and in this mode, helicopters and arm cars are equip with powerful weapons such as AT4-A Laser Missile and M202 quadruple RPG.

Players will get man-portable radar, bomb suit, and UAV control terminal and can be find in the Super Weapons crates throughout the map.

Players will be able to revive their fallen comrades multiple times from the communication tower with the ID card found in the fallen teammate’s loot box.

The Virus Infection – Halloween mode will be available from 31st October 2021.

Virus Infection – Halloween mode consists of three rounds.

Means players would be divided into the zombie or human teams at random, where zombies must infect humans and humans will have to defend themselves from the undead.

A team wins if the Zombies infect or kill or humans and vice versa.


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