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      UPDATE : Telegram Brings Many Improvements to Messages and Many More Features | Details Inside

      Telegram gets an update that adds new features to the instant messaging platform. The most important of them is Saved Messages 2.0 which now lets users filter and customise going through the saved texts, media, and links.

      Also, Telegram also add many new features throughout the month such as One-Time Voice and Video Messages, pause and resume recordings, Read Time in private chats, a new design for shared contacts, and many more.

      The update is being roll out to both Android and iOS versions of the Telegram app.

      Saved Messages 2.0

      By new Saved Messages, you can forward text, media, and links for viewing easily later.

      Telegram has now made many improvements to the feature.

      First, you can now view the saved messages as chats.

      This feature will let you see the forwarded messages as separate chat windows, with each featuring the messages saved from a particular contact, group, or channel.

      You can also pin any chat to keep it at the top.

      To do this, tap the title space after clicking on Saved Messages.

      It will automatically take you to the chats.

      Or, you can tap on the three vertical dots on the top right and select View as Messages* or View as Chats.

      Second, tags have also add to Saved Messages.

      Now, you can use emojis to tag and filter the saved messages.

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      This tags are based on emojis but users can also use words to name the tags.

      When added, clicking on a tag will quickly filter the saved messages for that tag.

      To use this feature, you can simply react to a message with an emoji, and it will become its tag.

      These tags will appear on the top of the Saved Message screen and can be click to filter by tags.

      Lastly, a new Saved tab has add to the shared media section.

      Every Telegram chat, group, and channel comes with a share media section that lets the user quickly scroll through images, documents, and links.

      This section now has a saved tab that will show all the Saved Messages from that particular chat.

      Other New Features of Telegram

      One-Time Voice and Video Messages

      Telegram has introduce the view-once setting for voice and video messages, letting users gain more control over shared media.

      After playback, these messages are automatically deleted, which makes them more secure.

      To send one-time messages, you can long-press the record button, swipe up to lock them, and then press the One-Time icon to enable the feature.

      For videos, it works exactly the same as images.

      Pause and resume recording

      Telegram has also add the feature to pause a recording midway.

      Before, users had to send many voice or video messages if there was a break in between.

      But now, you can simply pause the recording and then play it again later.

      To enable this, simply swipe up while long pressing the record button and then press the pause button.

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      Read Time in private chats

      In Telegram, when a message sent by you shows one check mark, it means it has deliver but not read.

      Same, two check marks mean the message has been read as well.

      Now, in private chats, you can see the Read Time to know the exact time when a message was read.

      So, you can choose to hide the read status through the Privacy Settings.

      Read times are only visible for 7 days after the message was seen.

      New design for shared contacts

      In October 2023, Telegram adds a new feature for premium users where they could add a colour, colour combination, and emojis to customize their account in the Appearance Settings.

      This change would be reflect in their name, the messages they send, any media or links they share, as well as their replies.

      Now, the messenger platform has adds a new feature where sharing the contact of a premium user will create a contact card that would show this customization.

      Adding, new app icons have adds to Telegram for macOS, video recording and overall quality have been improve, and faster loading times and higher-quality video stories for premium users have added.

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