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      What India Asked Alexa in 2023 | Details Inside

      Throughout 2023, Alexa became a dependable companion that charm the customers with its knowledge and clever banter, satisfying their curiosity about the year’s hottest topics, celebrities, sports, and entertaining them along the way.

      In fact in 2023, there was a 37% increase in requests to Alexa from Indian users for information about Bollywood, business, sports, general knowledge, festivals, and much more!

      Hence, it comes as no surprise that the most-ask questions to Alexa during this time period included the net worth of celebrities, interest in some of the biggest movies and reality shows of the year, requests for trending music, and of course, movie dialogues—a type of request unique to Indian customers.

      Interestingly, Alexa users in India also enjoy posing some unique questions such as, “Alexa, are you single?” or “Alexaक्या तुम मेरी बहन बनोगी?”.

      The diverse nature of requests Alexa receives, and has been receiving over the last six years, is a testament to customers’ love for the AI.

      Here’s a peek into what users asked Alexa based on aggregated requests made by Indian customers from January 2023 to January 2024.

      General Knowledge

      Indian users not only exhibited a keen interest in global developments and current affairs, but also in trivia like birthdays, geography and historical events.

      Here’s what they ask:

      1. “Alexa, who is the richest person in the world?”
      2. “Alexa, whose birthday it is today?”
      3. “Alexa, what happened today in history?”
      4. “Alexa, A.I. क्या होता है?”
      5. “Alexa, how many countries are there in the world?”
      6. “Alexa, who is the first prime minister of India?
      7. “Alexa, भारत के प्रधान मंत्री कौन है?”
      8. “Alexa, what is Chat GPT?”
      9. “Alexa, आसमान में कितने तारे हैं?”
      10. “Alexa, how did Matthew Perry die?”

      Popular Personalities

      Celebrities and sports legends continue to pique the interest of customers.

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      Over the last year, they turned to Alexa to inquire who these people are.

      Moreover, customers also want to know about the ages and net worth of popular figures.

      People Alexa users were most curious about :

      1. “Alexa, who is Alia Bhatt?”
      2. “Alexa, who is Steve Jobs?”
      3. “Alexa, who is Mohanlal?”
      4. “Alexa, who is Pawan Kalyan?”
      5. “Alexa, who is Puneeth Rajkumar?”
      6. “Alexa, who is Elon Musk?”
      7. “Alexa, who is Shreya Ghoshal?”
      8. “Alexa, who is Sundar Pichai?”
      9. “Alexa, who is Mammootty?”
      10. “Alexa, who is Mark Zuckerberg?”

      People whose net worth sought popular interest :

      1. “Alexa, what is the net worth of Shah Rukh Khan?”
      2. “Alexa, what is the net worth of Virat Kohli?”
      3. “Alexa, what is the net worth of M S Dhoni?”
      4. “Alexa, what is the net worth of Cristiano Ronaldo?”
      5. “Alexa, what is the net worth of Sachin Tendulkar?”
      6. “Alexa, what is the net worth of Amitabh Bachchan?”
      7. “Alexa, what is the net worth of Taylor Swift?”
      8. “Alexa, what is the net worth of Lionel Messi?”
      9. “Alexa, what is the net worth of Alia Bhatt?”
      10. “Alexa, what is the net worth of Jeff Bezos?”

      People whose ages garnered most requests :

      1. “Alexa, what is the age of Shah Rukh Khan?”
      2. “Alexa, what is the age of Amitabh Bachchan?”
      3. “Alexa, what is the age of Salman Khan?”
      4. “Alexa, what is the age of Alia Bhatt?”
      5. “Alexa, what is the age of Rajnikanth?”
      6. “Alexa, what is the age of Kareena Kapoor?
      7. “Alexa, what is the age of Anushka Sharma?”
      8. “Alexa, what is the age of Virat Kohli?”
      9. “Alexa, what is the age of M S Dhoni?”
      10. “Alexa, what is the age of Allu Arjun?”


      Alexa continued to be a trusted sous-chef to customers.

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      From basics like chai and cold coffee to delicacies like biryani and butter chicken, here are popular dishes and beverages customers sought recipes for:

      1. Alexa, चाय कैसे बनाते है?”
      2. “Alexa, Maggi कैसे बनाते है?”
      3. “Alexa, what is the recipe of butter chicken?”
      4. “Alexa, how to make palak paneer?”
      5. “Alexa, what is the recipe of biryani?”
      6. “Alexa, how to make pizza?”
      7. “Alexa, how to make cold coffee?”
      8. “Alexa, how to make Potlee biryani?”
      9. “Alexa, what is the recipe of कढ़ाई chicken?”
      10. “Alexa, how to make chocolate?”


      Indian users are ever-curious about the world of film and TV.

      Reality shows, movie dialogues, box office collections, and the answer to “who is the king of Bollywood?”

      Here’s a look at questions most popularly asked from the world of entertainment:

      1. “Alexa, who are there in Bigg Boss?”
      2. “Alexa, tell me a dialogue from Pushpa”
      3. “Alexa, Pathaan का dialogue सुनाओ
      4. “Alexa, मंजुलिका की कहानी सुनाओ
      5. “Alexa, बाबूराव का dialogue सुनाओ
      6. “Alexa, who won Khatron ke Khiladi 13?”
      7. “Alexa, Tiger 3 ने कितना कमाया?”
      8. “Alexa, जवान की कहानी बताओ
      9. “Alexa, who is the king of Bollywood?”
      10. “Alexa, what is the box office collection of Pathaan?”


      Where there’s music, there’s Alexa!

      There’s no doubting how Alexa has become a trusted DJ to many Indian users across the country.

      Here are the songs which were most requested in the last year:

      Popular Songs (Overall)

      1. Shree Hanuman Chalisa
      2. Baby Shark
      3. Bones
      4. Jhoome Jo Pathaan
      5. Calm Down
      6. Maan Meri Jaan
      7. Lakdi Ki Kathi
      8. Vishnu Sahasranamam
      9. Believer
      10. Har Har Shambhu Shiv Mahadeva

      Popular Regional Songs

      1. Naatu Naatu [Telugu]
      2. Khalasi | Coke Studio Bharat [Gujarati]
      3. Kaavaalaa [Tamil]
      4. Ranjithame [Tamil]
      5. Tum Tum [Tamil]
      6. Saami Saami [Telugu]
      7. Oo Antava Oo Oo Antava [Telugu]
      8. Srivalli [Telugu]
      9. Naa Ready [Tamil]
      10. Buttabomma [Telugu]
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      Alexa’s Personality

      Customers continued to foster a unique connection with Alexa making it their conversational companion.

      Engaging with its unique personality, they posed intriguing questions that delved into Alexa’s hypothetical personal life.

      Here’s what they wanted to know about Alexa:

      1. “Alexa, who are your parents?”
      2. “Alexa, are you single?”
      3. “Alexa, क्या तुम dance कर सकती हो?”
      4. “Alexa, do you know my girlfriend’s name?”
      5. “Alexa, आप को चाय बनानी आती है?”
      6. “Alexa, क्या तुम मेरी बहन बनोगी?”
      7. “Alexa, do you go to school?”
      8. “Alexa, क्या तुम मेरे साथ घूमने चलोगी?”
      9. “Alexa, are you scared of ghosts?”
      10. “Alexa, तुम्हारी शादी कब होगी?’


      Alexa became the go-to source for sports enthusiasts seeking up-to-the-minute details on match scores, player updates, and the pulse of major sporting events.

      Here are popular questions to Alexa about sports:

      1. “Alexa, cricket score क्या है?”
      2. “Alexa, who is the best football player?”
      3. “Alexa, India का अगला match कब है?”
      4. “Alexa, who won the toss?”
      5. “Alexa, who will win the match?”
      6. “Alexa, who will win the World Cup?”
      7. “Alexa, whose match is today?”
      8. “Alexa, give me the India vs Australia score?”
      9. “Alexa, आज का cricket match कौन जीतेगा?”
      10. “Alexa, best cricket player कौन है?”

      From unravelling the mysteries of celebrities’ lives to providing updates on global events, Alexa has solidified its position as the go-to companion for Indian customers.

      Its ability to seamlessly blend knowledge and humour reflects its ever-evolving role in their lives, offering more than just answers.

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