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      Windows 12 May Launch in the 2nd Half of 2024 with AI-Focused Features | Details Inside

      Microsoft is going to launch a new version of Windows, tentatively codename as “Hudson Valley” to be market as Windows 12. As this new update, as per many sources, is expect to be launch in the half of 2024 and is set to revolutionize the operating system with a focus on artificial intelligence.

      Early versions of Hudson Valley are currently undergoing testing in the Windows Insider Canary channel, with the RTM version said to release in April 2024.

      Hudson Valley’s primary focus is on enhancing the user experience via AI.

      Main features include an AI-driven Windows Shell and an “advanced co-pilot” Copilot AI assistant.

      This assistant is design to operate continuously in the background, improving functions such as search, application launches, workflow management, and context understanding.

      Artificial intelligence will be integrate across the operating system, requiring new Neural Processing Unit (NPU) hardware for optimal performance.

      Also the hardware requirements for computers will increase significantly, potentially making older computers incompatible with some of the AI-focus features.

      The assembly rate of AI PCs, equip with NPUs, is expect to rise, reaching 81% by 2027, according to IDC’s forecast.

      This means a trend towards mainstream adoption of AI in the PC market.

      Recent updates in Windows 11, including the Copilot AI update and Background Removal in Paint, gives hint at Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to AI-power improvements.

      Also a new roadmap for Windows update cycles is reportedly in the works.

      After the advance Copilot, Hudson Valley is rumor to introduce AI-power wallpapers with dynamic parallax effects and interaction capabilities, Super Resolution feature enhancing image quality in photos, videos, and games, improve energy-saving mode, and a potential redesign of the desktop interface with the system tray position at the top.

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      But the final name and features of Hudson Valley are yet to be confirm.

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