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World UFO Day 2022 : Everything Which You Need to Know About UFOs | 2YODOINDIA

World UFO Day 2022 : Everything Which You Need to Know About UFOs

World UFO Day is mark on 2nd July 2 every year to spread awareness about the existence of mysterious Unidentified Flying Objects. These strange objects have ignite controversy and curiosity in the minds of many for decades.

The existence of UFOs has always remain in question.

The World UFO Day aims to encourage people to share their beliefs about UFOs and come together to acknowledge various theories around these extra-terrestrial objects.

The existence of UFOs has not accept officially by the space agencies around the world.

But there has many doubts around the existence of UFOs, many incidents have shown people to explore the possibility, including the US Pentagon.

What are UFOs?

UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects are strange spaceships that don’t belong to our planet and cannot be identified or explain.

There have many instances reporting UFO sightings in the sky, so, none has officially confirm yet.

UFO Incident

It is said that the Roswell incident of July 1947, which took place in Mexico, first trigger conversations around UFOs.

A United States Army Forces balloon crash near Roswell, New Mexico, and soon became the centre of conspiracy theories on UFOS.

The US military had start the speculation by initially stating that they had recover some debris from a flying disk.

After, they clarified that it was just a weather balloon.

So, the incident had already spark a string of theories weave around UFOs by curious people.

In the latest development on UFOS, two senior United States defence intelligence officials testified before the House Intelligence subcommittee sharing the knowledge the government has on UFOs or UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena).

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The officials had said that there were 400 report cases of UAPs acknowledge by the Pentagon.

In another advancement, NASA was also planning to assemble a UFO for investigating “unidentified aerial phenomena” known as UFOs.

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