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      7 Ring : India’s First Contactless Payment Smart Ring Launched in India

      7 Ring, India’s First Contactless Payment Smart Ring Launch in India. The 7 Ring smart ring allows users to make contactless payments conveniently. 7 Ring can be utilize for payments through either NFC or UPI.

      Price in India

      7 Ring price set at Rs 7,000.

      But during an early bird offer, customers can avail of a discount, purchasing it for a reduce price of Rs 4,777.

      The official website of the Seven said that the 7 Ring boasts a 55-month validity period and is cover by a 1-year limited warranty.

      But the 7 Ring is not widely available at present.

      Currently, 7 Ring’s availability is restrict to individuals who have receive an invite code from existing 7 Ring users.


      The 7 Ring can be utilize for payments through either NFC or UPI.

      To initiate a payment using the 7 Ring, users must create a close fist and bring the ring near a point-of-sale (POS) machine, enabling payments via NFC.

      As the ring is intentionally design not to function if the user’s fingers are open, as a security measure to prevent fraud.

      While making a payment via UP, users do not need to enter an OTP or PIN to make payments below Rs 5,000 in India.

      Setting up the ring initially requires the accompanying app, enabling users to load money onto it, but the app isn’t necessary for making payments.

      After the verification process, users can establish a prepaid wallet with a monthly transaction limit of Rs 10,000, which can be increase to Rs 2,00,000 via a video KYC verification.

      The app offers features to monitor transactions, set spending limits, and block the ring in case of loss.

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      Also, the brand has promise to establish a platform for users using the 7 Ring for transactions, offering a range of rewards from partnered brands.

      This includes incentives such as cashback, raffles, prizes, and access to exclusive merchandise.

      The 7 Ring functions as a passive wearable, drawing power directly from the POS machine during transactions.

      7 Ring operates without Bluetooth or an internal battery, eliminating the need for charging.

      The 7 Ring provides a personalize experience with seven available size options, ensuring a comfortable and tailor fit for users.

      7 Ring is an IP68-rated, dustproof, water-resistant device built with a scratch-resistant Zirconia Ceramic (ZrO2) material.

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