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      Adobe Enhances Premiere Pro with Firefly AI and Generative Video Editing Tools via OpenAI Partnership

      In a groundbreaking collaboration between Adobe and OpenAI, the horizon of video editing is being redefined. With the integration of Firefly AI into Premiere Pro, alongside the introduction of new generative video editing tools, Adobe is propelling creativity to unprecedented heights.

      This partnership marks a significant milestone in the evolution of digital content creation, promising innovative solutions and enhanced capabilities for video professionals worldwide.

      Adobe Explores OpenAI Partnership as It Adds Firefly AI to Premiere Pro Video Tools

      Adobe is in the early stages of allowing third-party generative artificial intelligence tools such as OpenAI’s Sora and others inside its widely use video editing software, Adobe said.

      Adobe’s Premiere Pro app is widely use in the television and film industries.

      The Adobe is planning this year to add AI-based features to the software, such as the ability to fill in parts of a scene with AI-generated objects or remove distractions from a scene without any tedious manual work from a video editor.

      Both those features will rely on Firefly, an AI model that Adobe has already deploy in its Photoshop software for editing still images.

      After competition from OpenAI, Midjourney and other startups, Adobe has sought to set itself apart by training its Firefly system data it has full rights to and offering indemnity to users against copyright claims.

      But Adobe also said that it is developing a way to let its users tap third-party tools from OpenAI, as well as startups Runway and Pika Labs, to generate and use video within Premiere Pro.

      The move could help Adobe, whose shares have fallen about 20% this year, address Wall Street’s concerns that AI tools for generating images and videos put its core businesses at risk.

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      OpenAI has demonstrate its Sora model generating realistic videos based on text prompts but has not made the technology public or given a timeline for when it will be available.

      Adobe, which release a demonstration of Sora being use to generate video in Premiere Pro, described the demonstration as an “experiment” and gave no timeline for when it would become available.

      Deepa Subramaniam, Adobe’s vice president of product marketing for creative professional apps, said that Adobe has not yet settle how revenue generate by third-party AI tools use on its software platform will be split up between Adobe and outside developers.

      But Deepa Subramaniam said that Adobe users will be alert when they are not using Adobe’s “commercially safe” AI models and that all videos produce by Premiere Pro will indicate clearly which AI technology was used to create them.

      Adobe Premiere Pro to Get Support for New Generative AI-Powered Video Editing Tools

      Adobe Premiere Pro could soon get artificial intelligence (AI)-power video editing tools, however, there is a catch.

      There is no timeline for when these features might be integrate into the video editing software.

      Adobe, sharing its vision for the platform, reveal that it is actively exploring integration with third-party AI video generation models such as OpenAI Sora to bring their capabilities to its software.

      Adobe also confirm the reports that it was working on an AI text-to-video model by saying a new Firefly Video model is under development.

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      This announcement was made via a blog post by Adobe where it highlight Adobe’s strategy for the year regarding its Premiere Pro platform.

      Ashley Still, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Creative Cloud, Adobe, said Adobe’s new AI tools were “design to make shots a little longer, add new objects or remove unwanted objects, and generate missing b-roll.”

      While Adobe has share details about the upcoming features, it is yet to announce a release date.

      As AI-power editing tool in development is call as Generative Extend.

      According to Adobe, it can be use to extend the duration of a shot slightly by adding extra frames.

      These new frames will be entirely generate by AI and will give editors the space to fine-tune edits.

      Adobe also preview other feature call as Generative B-Roll, which can generate video clips with simple text prompts, saving the time to scour through stock footage or shoot B-rolls.

      Adobe also highlight that it is exploring collaboration with third-party AI video models such as OpenAI’s Sora, RunwayML, and Pika to expand its plugin ecosystem and add more features for creators.

      It is believe that the software giant could use these models for the generative AI features mentioned above.

      It can also use its own AI-power Firefly Video model, which Adobe officially confirm to be under development.

      Also, Adobe Premiere Pro could also get an Object Addition and Removal feature where users replace moving objects in a shot, remove unwant items, or add items in the background.

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