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      ALERT! : Tech-Savvy Loses Rs 42 Lakh after Liking YouTube Videos | Here What Happened

      Online scams are rising day by day and no one is immune to them. In a recent case, a IT professional fell into the traps of cyber fraudsters and end up losing Rs 42 lakh. This victim was lured with the promise of easy money when he receive a message on WhatsApp offering him a part-time job. 

      The message said that he could earn additional income by simply liking YouTube videos.

      As per a report, The victim who works as a software engineer in an  IT company in Gurugram Sector 102 receive a message on WhatsApp on 24th March 2023 offering him a part-time job.

      He was told that he could earn extra income by liking videos on YouTube.

      Later he was adds to a group on Telegram which was allegedly name by a woman name Divya.

      Soon after joining the group, the group members, who went by the names Kamal, Ankit, Bhoomi, and Harsh, persuaded the victim to invest his money by promising guaranteed returns.

      Falling for their lucrative promise, the victim transfer a sum of Rs 42,31,600 from his and his wife’s bank accounts.  

      As per the victim’s complaint as mentioned in the report :

      “When I agreed to work with them, a woman named Divya added me to a group on Telegram app. She ask me to invest money with the claim of assure better returns. On the pretext of a task, they had asked me to invest and I transferred a total of ? 42,31,600 from mine and my wife’s bank accounts,”

      The victim was initially assure that he had earn Rs 69 lakh in profit.

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      So, when he tried to withdraw the money, the fraudsters demanded an additional Rs 11,000.

      Realising that he had been conned, the victim approach the police and file a complaint against the fraudsters in the Telegram group.

      The police have register an FIR against the unknown fraudsters under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Information Technology (IT) Act.

      They are currently investigating the matter and trying to trace the scammers.

      While the cases of such scams are not new, this incident is another alert for people to be wary of online transactions and scams.

      Fraudsters are contacting people on WhatsApp and Telegram with offers that are too good to be true.

      They use many tactics to win the trust of the victims, such as pretending to be legitimate companies or individuals and promising high returns on investments.

      It is essential to check the validity of any offers before giving personal information or money.

      To avoid falling prey to online scams, it is important to be cautious of lucrative offers that promise exceptional returns for minimal effort.

      It is always wise to conduct thorough research before investing your hard-earn money.

      Look for reviews, verify the legitimacy of the individuals, companies, or platforms involve, and seek recommendations from trusted sources.

      It is also important to be wary of unsolicited messages, particularly those that make enticing offers.

      Scammers often use social media platforms, messaging apps, and emails to target potential victims.

      Guard your personal and financial information and avoid sharing sensitive details like bank account details, passwords, or PINs with unknown individuals or organisations.

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      Legitimate entities will never ask for such information through unsolicite messages or calls.

      If you suspect any fraudulent activity or believe you have fallen victim to a scam, report it to the appropriate authorities immediately.

      Prompt reporting can help in tracking down the culprits and preventing further harm to others.

      And Remember, staying vigilant and cautious is key to avoiding online scams and ensuring a safe and secure online experience.

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