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      Another Major Boost to Aatmnirbharta in Defence as Ministry of Defence Signs 5 Major Capital Acquisition Contracts

      The Ministry of Defence has taken significant strides towards enhancing self-reliance in defense with the signing of five major capital acquisition contracts, totaling Rs 39,125.39 crore.

      These contracts mark a substantial investment in strengthening India’s defense capabilities and promoting indigenous manufacturing.

      The move not only signifies the government’s commitment to bolstering national security but also underscores its emphasis on fostering domestic defense production and reducing dependency on imports.

      With these contracts, India is poise to advance its defense sector, stimulate economic growth, and solidify its position as a self-reliant and formidable force in the global arena.

      As part of ‘Aatmanirbharta in Defence’ and to further boost Make-in-India initiative, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) sign five major capital acquisition contracts worth Rs 39,125.39 crore on 1st March, 2024 in New Delhi.

      This Contracts were exchange in the presence of Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh and Defence Secretary Shri Giridhar Aramane, under whose guidance these deals fructified.

      Out of the five contracts, one was with M/s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited for procurement of Aero-engines for MiG-29 aircraft, two with M/s Larsen & Toubro Limited for procurement of Close-in Weapon System (CIWS) and procurement of High-Power Radar (HPR) and two with M/s BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited (BAPL) for procurement of BrahMos missiles and procurement of Ship borne BrahMos system for the Indian Defence Forces.

      All these deals will further strengthen indigenous capabilities, save foreign exchange and reduce dependency on Foreign Origin Equipment Manufactures in future.

      The contract for RD-33 Aero Engines for MiG-29 aircraft has sign with M/s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) at a cost of Rs 5,249.72 crore.

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      These aeroengines will be produce by the Koraput Division of HAL.

      These Aero Engines are expect to fulfill the need of Indian Air Force (IAF) to sustain the operational capability of the MiG-29 fleet for the residual service life.

      The aero-engines will be manufacture under Transfer of Technology (TOT) license from the Russian OEM.

      The programme will focus on indigenisation of many high value critical components, which would help increase the indigenous content of future Repair and Overhaul (ROH) tasks of RD-33 aero-engines.

      The contract for procurement of CIWS has been sign with M/s Larsen & Toubro Limited at a cost of Rs 7,668.82 crore.

      CIWS will provide terminal Air Defence to select locations of the country.

      The project will boost and encourage active participation of Indian aerospace, defence and associated industries including MSMEs.

      The direct and indirect employment generated by this project would be approximately average of 2,400 persons/ year over the period of five years.

      The contract for procurement of HPR has also sign with M/s Larsen & Toubro Limited at a cost of Rs 5,700.13 crore.

      It will replace existing long-range radars of lAF with modern Active Aperture Phased Array based HPR with advanced surveillance features.

      It will significantly enhance the terrestrial Air Defence capabilities of IAF with integration of sophisticated sensors capable of detection of small Radar Cross Section targets.

      It will boost to indigenous radar manufacturing technology as it would be first of its kind radar built by the private sector in India.

      The direct and indirect employment generated by this project would be approximately average of 1,000 people/year over the period of five years.

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      The contract for procurement of BrahMos missiles has been sign with M/s BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited (BAPL) at a cost of Rs 19,518.65 crore.

      These missiles would be utilize to meet combat outfit and training requirements of Indian Navy.

      This project is likely to generate employment of nine lakh man-days in Joint Venture entity and around 135 lakh man-days in ancillary industries (including MSMEs) of the country. 

      The contract for Procurement of Ship borne BrahMos system has also sign with M/s BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited (BAPL) at a cost of Rs 988.07 crore.

      This system is the Indian Navy’s primary weapon for maritime strike operations fit onboard various frontline warships.

      The system is capable of hitting land or sea targets from extend ranges with pinpoint accuracy at supersonic speeds.

      The project is likely to generate employment of around 60,000 man-days over a period of 7-8 years.

      The signing of these contracts by the Ministry of Defence is a pivotal step towards achieving Aatmnirbharta (self-reliance) in defense.

      By prioritizing indigenous manufacturing and investing in domestic capabilities, India not only enhances its defense preparedness but also boosts its economic resilience.

      These contracts underscore a strategic shift towards self-sufficiency in defense procurement, ensuring that the nation’s security needs are met while simultaneously fostering growth and innovation within the domestic defense industry.

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