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      Asia Cup 2023 : Sri Lanka and Bangladesh Oppose To ACC’s Unilateral Favour To India Vs Pakistan Match

      As Asian Cricket Council (ACC) provide reserve day for India vs Pakistan clash in the Super Four of the ongoing Asia Cup 2023, Sri Lanka coach Chris Silverwood and his Bangladesh coach Chandika Hathurasingha express displeasure over the unilateral decision.

      The ACC announce that the India-Pakistan match could resume on 11th September 2023 if the rain stop plays on 10th September 2023.

      As other matches will not have a reserve day though rain is predict in the Sri Lankan capital through the Super 4s.

      Chandika Hathurasingha said he was not aware of the reason behind the sudden change in Asia Cup playing conditions.

      Chandika Hathurasingha said during the pre-match press conference ahead of their Super 4 match against Sri Lanka :

      “There is a technical committee (in Asia Cup) represent by every participating country 6 nations. They might have decide it for some other reason,”.

      “It is not ideal, and we also would have liked to have an extra day,”.

      He also said that the officials concern did not consult other teams before arriving at the decision.

      Chandika Hathurasingha said :

      “But I don’t have any more comment on this because they have already made a decision and had they consulted us earlier we would have given our opinion,”.

      Chris Silverwood said he was surprise when convey about the decision to have an extra day for the India-Pakistan match.

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      Chris Silverwood said :

      “Yeah! Look, obviously, I was a little surprised when I heard it first. But we don’t organise the competition, so we can’t do a whole lot about it, right?”.

      The Shri Lankan coach also said the reserve day could give a bit of an unfair advantage to either India or Pakistan if they manage to log in points on that particular day.

      Chris Silverwood said :

      “To be honest, I see it only becoming a problem if it provides points to the teams, and affects us,”.

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