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      Blaupunkt SBA100 Soundbar Launched in India

      Blaupunkt SBA100 Soundbar Launch in India. The Blaupunkt SBA100 Soundbar comes with advanced technology and an immersive sound output. Blaupunkt SBA100 soundbar has an all-metal design with smooth finishing and edges are omitted.

      Price in India

      Blaupunkt SBA100 Soundbar price set Rs. 4,999.

      Blaupunkt SBA100 Soundbar is available via Amazon India.


      The Blaupunkt SBA100 soundbar has an all-metal design with smooth finishing and edges are omitted.

      Blaupunkt SBA100 Soundbar can also be use wirelessly with Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity.

      The Blaupunkt SBA100 Soundbar design of the entire unit is dedicate to producing quality audio output.

      The Blaupunkt SBA100 Soundbar is made from high-grade Aluminum which is both lighter and stronger with minimize vibrations.

      Blaupunkt SBA100 Soundbar gives 100W of pure sound and features four 2.25-inch speakers that are evenly spread across the frame.

      Deep ports on the sides of the speaker deliver top-notch bass unrestricted.

      The Blaupunkt SBA100 Soundbar effect of the bass is further accentuate by high-octane clarity right through the volume levels.

      As per Blaupunkt, the balance between the bass and all other frequencies has been tune to match the volume levels.

      All the controls of the Blaupunkt SBA100 Soundbar are at your fingertips via its full-function remote and the device can be use for a variety of audio and visual content.

      The Blaupunkt SBA100 Soundbar has a built-in Equalizer with three sound modes, Movie, News, and Music.

      Blaupunkt SBA100 Soundbar remote control has a range that is perfect for any size of room.

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      The Blaupunkt SBA100 soundbar has multiple connectivity options including HDMI ARC, OPTICAL, USB, and AUX ports.

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