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      Blue Aadhar or Baal Aadhar : How to Apply for a Child Aadhar Card below 5 Years of Age | Step-by-Step Guide

      Aadhar card is a important identification documents in India. As it comes in two categories, one for adults and the other for kids. Government of India has initiated a new version of the Aadhar card for children below 5 years of age known as ‘Blue Aadhar’ or ‘Baal Aadhar.’

      What is a Blue Aadhar Card? 

      As per the Government of India, Blue Aadhar Card is an Aadhar card issue for children below 5 years of age.

      To ensure differentiation from the regular Aadhar card issue for adults, it is blue.

      Blue Aadhar card is valid until the child turns 5 years old.

      After this, you have to update the biometric information of your child and get a new Aadhar card issue for them. 

      Importance of Blue Aadhar Card

      As per the UIDAI portal, no biometric data of the child is need to issue the Blue Aadhar card.

      The UID can be process based on demographic information and photographs link with the parent’s UID.

      You can apply for a Blue Aadhar card for a newborn using the kid’s birth certificate or discharge slip from the hospital.

      Children’s school ID is also applicable for issuing a Baal Aadhar Card.

      The Blue Aadhar Card holds the utmost significance for many reasons.

      It will help the parents access government assistance programs and facilitate the provisions of scholarships under the Economically Weaker Sections category.

      Many schools have mandated the Blue Aadhar card as an essential document for admission. 

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      How to Apply for a Blue Aadhar Card?

      Follow These Steps :

      • Visit the UIDAI website and select the Aadhar registration option.
      • Now fill in the details like the child’s name, and parent’s mobile number.
      • Select an appointment slot for registration. 
      • Book an appointment at the nearest Aadhar enrollment centre. 
      • Visit the centre at the designated time with your documents which include your Aadhar card, address proof and child’s birth certificate for document verification. 
      • The Blue Aadhar card will be issue to your child within 60 days of document verification. 

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