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Covid-19 : Nasal Spray Treatment Coming Soon | 2YODOINDIA

Covid-19 : Nasal Spray Treatment Coming Soon

SaNOtize a canada-based pharmaceutical firm has filed for emergency approval in the United Kingdom and Canada for its nitric oxide nasal spray. SaNOtize claims that the nasal spray can be use as an effective treatment for Covid-19 and it kills 99.9% of the virus.

The SaNOtize representative said that the nasal spray has an immediate impact and it should help people to deal with their symptoms and get better feel fast.

Nasal spray works by killing 99.9% of the virus in the upper airways, preventing it from without showing signs and spreading to the lungs and has no side effects till now.

First phase of the trial for the spray began on 11th January 2021 at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, in Surrey.

This treatment has developed by SaNOtise Research and Development Corporation based on nitric oxide a natural nanomolecule produced by the human body with proven anti-microbial properties shown to have a direct effect on SARS-CoV-2 that causes Covid-19.

This Nasal spray is a topical spray you throw in your pocket and go about your day.

If someone sneezes at you, take Nasal spray out of your pocket and into your nose.

This Nasal spray gets rid of the virus and it prevents you from getting Covid-19.

This nasal spray is being manufacture in Israel at the moment.

The makers are reaching out to other governments for collaboration which includes India also.

If it approved then they aim to make it an across-the-counter drugs.



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