Cyclone Gulab : How Did Cyclone Get Its Name

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicts that a cyclonic storm ‘Gulab’ is likely to make landfall in Odisha on Sunday evening. Bay of Bengal intensify into cyclone ‘Gulab’ following which the weather department issue an ‘orange’ alert for north Andhra Pradesh and adjoining south Odisha coasts.

The cyclone is likely to move nearly westwards and cross north Andhra Pradesh-South Odisha coasts between Kalingapatnam and Gopalpur around evening on 26th September 2021.

The wind speed of the weather system will vary between 75 kmph and 85 kmph, gusting up to 95 kmph.

This comes just four months after Yaas’ wreaked havoc in Odisha.

In May Tauktae (named by Myanmar) and Yaas (named by Oman) had hit the coastal areas near the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal.

How did ‘Cyclone Gulab’ Get Its Name?

Cyclone Gulab was name by Pakistan.

It refers to Rose in English.

A panel was set up to coordinate and decide names for future cyclones in 2018.

The panel consists of 13 countries :
  • India,
  • Pakistan,
  • Bangladesh,
  • Myanmar,
  • Oman,
  • Maldives,
  • Yemen,
  • Sri Lanka,
  • Thailand,
  • Iran,
  • United Arab Emirates,
  • Qatar,
  • Saudi Arabia.

These countries choose the names of cyclones in the north Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Gulab, Tej, Agni, Aag, Shaheen were among the 169 names selected by these 13 countries for christening future cyclones in 2020.

Every country had given 13 names.

India had propose names :
  • Gati (speed),
  • Tej (speed),
  • Murasu (musical instrument in Tamil),
  • Aag (fire),
  • Neer (water),
  • Prabhanjan,
  • Ghurni,
  • Ambud,
  • Jaladhi,
  • Vega.

Guidelines behind the Names

According to the IMD guidelines the propose name should be neutral to politics, political figures, religious beliefs, cultures and gender.

The name should be chosen in such a way that it does not hurt the sentiments of any group of the population over the globe.

It should not be offens to any members.

The name should be easy to pronounce and not “very rude and cruel” in nature.

Who will name the next cyclone & What will it be called?

The next cyclone will be call as ‘Shaheen’ and a name propose by Qatar.


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