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      Elon Musk Announced X Premium, X Premium+ Access for Free | Details Inside

      Elon Musk has announce that X which also known as Twitter will now offer features from X Premium and X Premium+, the paid subscription at no additional cost, to specific users on the platform.

      But, not all X users will be eligible, according to details share by Elon Musk.

      Premium subscription plans on X reduce the number of ads on the timeline and allowing users to access to premium features as well as Grok, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot created by xAI, the startup by Elon Musk.

      In a post on X, Elon Musk said that all accounts on the platform that have “over 2,500 verified subscriber followers” will have access to features available with an X Premium subscription.

      In India, an X Premium subscription costs Rs. 650 a month (when subscribing from the website) while an annual subscription price set at Rs. 6,800.

      Elon Musk also said that users who have over 5,000 verified subscriber followers would be grant access to features that are available with an X Premium+ subscription, currently price set at Rs. 1,300 a month, if you sign up from the web interface or Rs. 13,600 for a year. 

      All four subscription prices are considerably higher when signing up from the Android and iOS apps.

      Elon Musk didn’t provide a reason for granting access to X Premium and X Premium+ features for select users, but the decision comes as report that reveal that fewer people were using the microblogging service, which was struggling to retain users, but platform has refute these claims. 

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      It means that you will need to have 2,500 followers who have paid for a Premium or Premium+ subscription to gain access to these features, which also include a blue verification check mark and the ability to monetise their posts.

      X shows fewer ads to Premium subscribers, while those who have a Premium+ subscription do not see any advertisements. 

      Both subscriptions offer features like the ability to edit or undo posts, increase character limit, post longer videos, background video playback, video downloads, and access to the Grok AI chatbot.

      Premium+ access also gives subscribers the ability to post articles.

      The subscriptions also allow users to customise the mobile app interface and hide likes and subscriptions.

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