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      Google is Rolling Out the SoundPod as a Wireless Speaker for Google Pay to Merchants in India

      Google is rolling out the SoundPod as a wireless speaker for Google Pay that can verify payments receive over the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) instant payment system to small merchants in India.

      As Google start testing the device as part of a limited trial in 2023 and has reveale that the rollout will take place later 2024.

      Google Pay rivals PhonePe and Paytm already offer similar products for merchants in India.

      In a blog post, Google VP of Products for Google Pay Ambarish Kenghe announce that the company’s SoundPod would be roll out to small merchants in the country “over the coming months”.

      During Google’s year-long trial of the SoundPod in India, the firm receive positive feedback from merchants who participate in the trial, including faster checkouts, Ambarish Kenghe said.

      Google Pay SoundPod is equip with an LCD screen and a single speaker.

      The Google Pay SoundPod supports 4G connectivity, according to Google.

      Google Pay SoundPod has 3 LED indicators to show battery, charging, and connectivity status of the device, and features menu, volume, and power buttons.

      Paytm’s Soundbox speakers offer between four to 12 days of battery life and feature 2G or 4G connectivity with two models are equip with LCD screens and another supports music playback over a Bluetooth connection.

      While PhonePe’s SmartSpeaker offers up to four days of battery like on a single charge and supports multiple languages.

      Google hasn’t offer a concrete timeline for the arrival of the SoundPod in India.

      As Paytm and PhonePe offer similar audio devices that are already in use by merchants across the country. 

      Merchants also pay a monthly subscription between Rs. 50 to Rs. 125 to access these audio-based announcement service.

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      Google says that merchants will be able to choose between two subscriptions for the SoundPod, a Rs. 499 one-time fee follow by a Rs. 125 monthly subscription plan, or an annual subscription priced at Rs. 1,499.

      Merchants won’t have to pay the one-time fee when choosing the annual plan.

      Customers who receive 400 payments in a month via QR codes will get a guaranteed Rs. 125 cashback, as per Google.

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