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      Google Rolls Out First Android 15 Beta for Google Pixel Devices | How to Download | Details Inside

      Android 15 Beta 1 is now available to download on eligible Google Pixel smartphones for users and developers who want to try out the upcoming version of Android. Google’s next mobile operating system (OS) update is expect to bring new features and functionality, when it is release later 2024.

      While Google is expect to unveil new Android 15 features at Google I/O in May, the first beta version gives us a look at new privacy and security features coming to the OS later 2024.

      As per details share by Google on the Android Beta subreddit, the first beta release of Android 15 is now available to download on the Google Pixel 8, Google Pixel 8 Pro, Google Pixel 7a, Google Pixel 7, Google Pixel 7 Pro, Google Pixel 6a, Google Pixel 6 Pro, Google Pixel 6, Google Pixel Fold, and Google Pixel Tablet.

      Google Pixel 5a will not receive the update as it will reach its end-of-life cycle later 2024.

      Users who install the developer preview will automatically get an update to Android 15 Beta 1, just like users who have Android 14 QPR3 beta on their devices.

      In its post, Google said that it would have more details to share at its annual developer conference next month, but new features that were adds since the last Android 15 developer preview.

      After installing Android 15 Beta 1, you will see a new section call as Cellular network security –> Settings –> Security & privacy –> More security & privacy call that allows users to require encryption when connecting to cellular networks, or receive notifications when connecting to insecure networks.

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      While, a new Send device name toggle has appear under the Privacy menu in each Wi-Fi network details section.

      It appears under the MAC address randomisation setting and the description suggests that disabling the feature will stop sharing the phone’s name with the Wi-Fi network.

      Two more additions appear to have made on Android 15 Beta 1.

      You can set a default wallet app like Samsung Wallet or Google Wallet under the Default apps section.

      While, Google Pixel phone users who update to Android 15 Beta 1 will also gain access to new Google Pixel Weather widgets that can be add to the home screen.

      Features in Android 15 Beta 1 Update

      One of the main changes in Android 15 Beta 1 is to app optimization for larger displays.

      Apps built for the new OS will automatically render in an edge-to-edge format by default, eliminating the need for developers to implement additional code to maximize screen usage.

      This update also prioritizes accessibility by introducing support for Braille displays within the TalkBack screen reader.

      It will let users with visual impairments to connect Braille displays via USB or Bluetooth.

      Android 15 Beta 1 introduces an OS-level feature for app archiving and unarchiving which would help manage storage space.

      You can now archive infrequently used apps, freeing up space while preserving app data for seamless reactivation later.

      Security receives an upgrade with the introduction of an API for end-to-end encryption of contact keys.

      This allows users to securely manage and verify the contact information of others.

      How to Install Android 15 Beta 1 Update?

      The Android 15 Beta 1 update is compatible with Google Pixel devices mention above. There are two primary methods for installing the update :

      • Android Beta Program: Enrolling in the Android Beta Program allows users to receive the update over-the-air (OTA) after opting in. It’s the most prefer method to get a taste of the latest Android version.
      • Manual Installation: Users seeking a more technical approach can opt for manual installation by flashing factory images or OTA files.
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      Those who already enroll in the Android 15 Developer Preview program should already receive the Beta 1 update OTA.

      Also, users currently participating in the Android 14 QPR beta program can directly update to Android 15 Beta 1 without needing to wipe their devices.

      As Android 15 Beta 1 is likely to be more stable than the developer previews that were previously release by the company, it is advisable to install pre-release software on secondary devices and not your ‘daily driver’ phone.

      It’s also worth checking Google’s official Android 15 Beta 1 release notes to see what bugs have fix and all known issues before installing the latest beta version on your Pixel phone.

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