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      How can Signal Users Change Registered Phone Number Without Losing Chat History

      Signal has introduce a new functionality that lets users change their register phone number on the app, without losing their chat history. When a user changes their phone number on Signal, all their contacts will get a in-chat notification that mentions the update.

      Since all conversations on Signal are end-to-end encrypted, the instant messaging service links the chats to a user’s phone number, which signifies that the conversations are not store and synchronise on the cloud.

      As per a blog post, Signal has now add a new feature to its apps on Android and iOS that lets users change their phone number without losing chats, groups, and Signal profile.

      This new feature comes in handy if users are changing their phone numbers but wish to retain the handsets.

      You need the latest version at least Android v5.30.6 or iOS v5.27.1 of the Signal app.

      A support page mentions that the change-number feature is not support if users can neither send nor receive messages on Signal using the existing registered phone number, have misplace or lost the device, or wiped the phone clean.

      How to Change Phone Number on Signal?

      Follow These Steps :

      1. Open Signal app.
      2. Click on Profile (display picture).
      3. Go to Settings (iOS only).
      4. Then tap Account.
      5. Now tap Change phone number.
      6. Now click Continue.
      7. Enter old phone number in first field, new phone number in second.
      8. Select Continue or Done.
      9. Confirm the new number.
      10. If not, click on Edit Number.
      11. Select Change Number.
      12. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the registration process of the new number.

      Signal also mentions that if another person registers an account with the previous phone number of a user, the old user’s chat history, groups, and profile will not get carry over.

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