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      How to Fix Missing Media Problem on WhatsApp for Android Users

      WhatsApp for Android users are reportedly losing their media content in the app. The issue has affected some users and appears arrived after the recent WhatsApp updates. This problem comes when users updated WhatsApp for Android version to

      If you are one of those users who are affected by the missing media issue on WhatsApp then just follow these steps.

      How to Fix Missing Media Problem on WhatsApp for Android Users

      Users are recommended to back up their chats.

      Follow These Steps :

      1. Close WhatsApp on your phone.
      2. Clear cache.
      3. Open file manager.
      4. Go to WhatsApp
      5. Then Media.
      6. Move the content in the Media folder to Android
      7. Then Media.
      8. After that com.whatsapp.
      9. And to WhatsApp.
      10. Lastly to Media.
      11. Please note that you just need to move the content of the media folder and not the entire folder.
      12. You have to wait until all of the content gets moved to the destination folder.
      13. Then after open the WhatsApp app.

      You’ll be able to see your media content back on WhatsApp.

      You can also wait for WhatsApp to bring an update that fixes the problem.

      The update could move the content from the existing folder to the new one automatically.


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