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      How to Keep Gmail Account Active as Google to delete Inactive Gmail Accounts from December 2023 | Answer Inside

      Google is going to delete inactive Gmail accounts starting from 1st December, 2023. This means targets accounts that have not use in the past two years, there all associate data, including emails, Drive files, Photos, and Contacts will be deleted.

      This decision to delete inactive accounts stems from the increase vulnerability of older accounts to cyberattacks.

      As per Google’s internal data, inactive accounts are ten times less likely to have two-factor authentication enable compare to active accounts.

      This lack of security measures leaves older accounts more susceptible to hacking attempts.

      So, any external services link to an inactive Gmail account are also at risk of compromise.

      To address these concerns and protect user data, Google has opt to remove accounts that have dormant for two years.

      But, not all inactive accounts will be delete immediately.

      Google will begin removing accounts gradually, starting in December 2023, in small batches.

      This phase approach allows users time to reactivate their accounts if they still wish to use them.

      When an account is delete, all associate data will be permanently remove, including emails, Drive files, documents, meetings, and any other files.

      This process is irreversible, and users will not be able to recover their data.

      How to Keep Gmail Account Active?

      To prevent your accounts from being delete, you can simply sign in to their Gmail accounts at least once every two years.

      This activity will keep their accounts active and prevent them from being remove.

      You can engage in various activities to keep their accounts active and prevent deletion.

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      These include:

      • Using Google Drive
      • Watching YouTube videos
      • Downloading apps from the Google Play Store
      • Performing Google Searches
      • Utilizing Sign-in with Google for third-party apps or services

      NOTE : Google currently has no plans to delete inactive accounts with YouTube videos. Means that if an old unuse account is link to YouTube and has a public video on it, Google will not delete that account despite inactivity. Also Google may update this policy in the future.

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