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      BharatGPT : Google will Invest on India’s answer to ChatGPT | Details Inside

      Google is set to invest about $4 million in Indian startup CoRover’s BharatGPT with India’s answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. CoRover is the Indian AI studio behind BharatGPT, an LLM-based AI solution that has proven to be much more capable than ChatGPT, and supports a number of Indic languages.

      CoRover unveil BharatGPT, a significant addition to a body of large language models or LLMs.

      This innovative language model supports more than 12 Indian languages and over 120 foreign languages, surpassing the language range of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which is limit to 95 languages and primarily operates in English.

      What sets BharatGPT apart is its versatility, as it can process diverse data formats, including images, audio, video, and maps, unlike ChatGPT, which predominantly handles text.

      CoRover emphasizes that BharatGPT boasts an impressive accuracy level of 90%.

      Leveraging a vast repository of internet data as its foundation, BharatGPT offers the flexibility to fine-tune and enhance its content.

      This adaptability allows the system to incorporate contextually relevant information based on factors such as region, sector, domain, client, business, and specific use cases, ensuring that users receive current and pertinent information in response to queries.

      As per a blog post, CoRover highlights BharatGPT’s ability to integrate with custom knowledge bases, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, as well as Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for real-time transactions.

      This new offering from CoRover provides organizations with the capability to build and manage chatbots across communication channels.

      CoRover currently extends its AI virtual assistant services to prominent organizations such as IRCTC, LIC, Max Life Insurance, NPCI, and the Government of India, catering to over one billion users.

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      In a new development as per reports, Google is on the verge of investing approximately $4 million in CoRover, marking another significant milestone in the growth of the Indian conversational artificial intelligence startup.

      After a non-equity funding of $500,000 in 2023, discussions are underway for a $4 million equity investment after the official launch of BharatGPT.

      As a strategic partner, Google offers cloud computing credits to CoRover, and the additional funds are intend to scale up BharatGPT in the recent weeks.

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