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      Malaysia Goes Visa-Free Entry to Indians | Details Inside

      Malaysia is the new country to join the countries that are offering visa-free entry to Indians. Indians planning a trip to Malaysia can now travel without a visa as the country recently announce its decision to allow visa-free entry for Indian and Chinese citizens.

      Malaysian PM Anwar Ibrahim announce that this change will be in effect from 1st December 2023 for all Indian and Chinese visitors.

      As of now, the Malaysian tourist e-visa for Indians costs Rs. 3,799 per person.

      As per the new visa-free rule, Indian travellers can stay for up to 30 days without a visa.

      But, security screenings to continue for Indian nationals as well.

      The visa-free plan has put into place in order to increase the inflow of tourists from the two countries, India and China.

      It is a well-known fact that India and China are two very big markets for Malaysia.

      Malaysia is also looking at more investors from these two countries.

      Now, with a simplified entry process, visitors can now experience seamless travel to Malaysia, which is easily one of the finest tourist destinations in Asia.

      Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Thailand were the latest countries to allow visa-free entry to Indians, until Malaysia’s entry.

      As of now, countries like Sri Lanka and Thailand have made this visa-free provision for Indians till 31st March 2024 and 10th May 2024.

      For now, travellers can make full use of this opportunity.

      A visa-free travel does not mean, visa-on-arrival or e-visa.

      It simply means that you book your flight ticket, pack your bags and leave for Malaysia.

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      There is absolutely zero paperwork involve.

      It’s just like travelling to any other destination within own country.

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