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      How to Remove Background from Any Image in Paint on Windows 11 | Step-by-Step Guide

      Microsoft has add a new background removal tool to the Paint on Windows 11. This feature works same as Photoshop’s functionality. This feature allowing users to remove the background of any image in just one click.

      As Microsoft said that the update to the Paint app is currently available to Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels.

      How to Remove Background from Any Image in Paint?

      Firstly Open the Microsoft Store and update the Windows 11 Paint app to version 11.2306.30.

      Follow These Steps :

      • Go to Paint and open the image you want to edit in a blank Canvas.
      • Under the ‘Image‘ section that appears on the top left of the image, find and choose the ‘Background Remove button‘.
      • This will remove the entire background from the image, leaving only the cutout of the subject you selected.
      • Also, you can also use the rectangle select to specify the area you want to remove the background from.

      As of now, the Background Removal tool is only available for Windows Insiders.

      You can also download an update version of the app that brings the same functionality to non-Insider users, but we recommend against doing so since it might come with malware.

      Also, there is no word if and when the functionality will be rolling out to everyone, but the Microsoft often introduces features like these after a few weeks, so you might have to wait a while.

      Microsoft has constantly updating the Windows Paint in the last few months, with the last update bringing a much-needed dark mode.

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