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      How to Setup Personal Voice in AI Assistant as Truecaller Collaborates With Microsoft | Step-by-Step Guide

      Truecaller make a partnership with Microsoft to significantly upgrade its existing artificial intelligence (AI)-power AI Assistant. As a part of this partnership, the caller identification app will leverage the Microsoft Azure AI Speech feature call as Personal Voice.

      This will be integrate with the AI Assistant to give it a replica voice of the user when the AI screens a call or responds on behalf of the user.

      This feature is being roll out starting from 22nd May 2024, and it will be available in a select few countries at first.

      Truecaller has confirm the feature will be expand to more countries soon.

      Making the announcement via a community post, Truecaller said :

      “With the addition of Microsoft's Personal Voice, users of the Truecaller Assistant can now create a completely digital version of their own voice to use inside the Assistant.” 

      As the AI Assistant was first introduce by Truecaller in September 2022.

      This voice-based chatbot offers many functionalities such as screening calls, responding to calls, and even taking messages on behalf of the user.

      It can also record calls that can be listen to later, similar to a voicemail.

      As this is a useful feature, Truecaller also offer a limited number of voices that could be use by the AI Assistant.

      When someone calls, they would hear one of these chosen voices before the call is pick by the user.

      But, hearing a stranger’s voice had the possibility of catching the caller off-guard.

      The app maker is solving this issue by introducing Personal Voice which will let people use their own voice for the AI Assistant.

      This feature has start rolling out to Truecaller Premium users in the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, Sweden, and Chile.

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      It will be expand to other regions soon, Truecaller said.

      How to Setup Personal Voice in AI Assistant in Truecaller?

      One thing to note is that the feature is only available on Truecaller Premium. If you want to use it, you’ll have to purchase the subscription.

      Follow These Steps :

      1. To see the feature, you need to be on the latest version of the app.
      2. Ensure to update it.
      3. When done, open the app.
      4. Go to Settings.
      5. Go to Assistant settings.
      6. Then go to Set Up Personal Voice and follow the instructions.
      7. You will have to record your voice for about a minute and speak out the words shown on the screen, after which your AI-generate voice replication process will be complete.

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