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      India Will Send Female Robot ‘Vyommitra’ To Space In Gaganyaan Mission : Jitendra Singh

      After the successful Chandrayaan-3 mission, India is now gearing up for a significant milestone as its inaugural human flight mission as part of the ‘Gaganyaan mission‘.

      This mission, which was postpone due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is now set to take a momentous step forward, as reveal by Jitendra Singh, the Minister of State for Science and Technology of India.

      Jitendra Singh announce that India plans to include a female robot named ‘Vyommitra‘ in the Gaganyaan mission.

      The first trial of this spaceflight is schedule for the first or second week of October.

      In subsequent missions, the female robot ‘Vyommitra‘ will journey into space, showcasing India’s advancements in space technology and exploration, as per the media reports. 

      The Gaganyaan project represents the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) ambitious endeavor to send a human into space and safely return them to Earth.

      Originally slate for a human launch in 2024, the project experience delays due to pandemic-induce lockdowns.

      The Gaganyaan project’s primary objective is to demonstrate India’s capability for human spaceflight.

      This involves sending a crew of three members into an orbit 400 km above Earth’s surface for a three-day mission, follow by a safe return and a landing in the Indian sea waters.

      With the Gaganyaan mission, ISRO is diligently preparing for the launch of ‘Aditya-L1‘, India’s maiden solar mission aim at studying our solar system’s star.

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      Outfit with in-situ equipment, the mission aims to study the Sun’s phenomena including flares, corona, and electromagnetic waves.

      The spacecraft is anticipate to launch in the first or second week of September, embarking on a 120-day journey to its intended location, the Langrage point of the Sun.

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