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Soon WhatsApp for Android Let You Play Voice Messages in the Background

WhatsApp is testing a global voice message feature on Android that would let you continue to listen to voice messages even when they switch from one chat to another. The WhatsApp instant messaging app at present stops playing a voice message when a user leaves the chat in which that particular message is available.

The update seems to allow voice message playback in the background.

WhatsApp has been enhancing the voice message experience to convince its users to exchange more voice messages on the platform.

WhatsApp for Android beta version bring referencesabout the global voice message feature.

This feature has not yet been made available to beta testers.

This feature appears to let users continue to listen to voice messages when they move to the default chats screen.

iOS users appear to get the same experience as its appearance on Apple’s platform in October last year.

Exact details on when WhatsApp will bring the enhance voice messaging are yet to be reveale.

It is also unclear when the feature will be available to beta testers on both Android and iOS platforms.

WhatsApp roll out a voice message preview feature to let users review recordings before sending to their contacts.

It also recently brings waveforms for voice messages and enable playback speed support for audio messages.


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