Reasons Why You Must Choose Tea Over Coffee | Tea Vs Coffee

Tea or Coffee!! You must have debate with some dayor other over this topic i guess as tea and coffee is one of the most popular topics of discussion across the India or you can say in whole world.

While coffee is prefer to tea by a large number of people as tea keeping behind coffee in its health benefits by a considerable margin.

Stress Management

Those who drink tea can say tea does wonders in reducing stress levels!

Researchers have found that the levels of cortisol, the stress-inducing hormone, are lower when tea is consume.

Coffee is seen to worsen symptoms of stress and anxiety when consumed regularly.

The effect of caffeine in coffee on the human body also increases the possibility of coffee addiction the possibility of a similar effect while drinking tea is very less.

The presence of the amino acid L-theanine in tea contributes to the calming effect that this beverage evokes.

It functions synergistically with the caffeine in tea to manage stress by facilitating a state of relaxation and calmness.

Use of tea as a stress buster has been perfect and practised over many yeras.

Weight Loss

When you intake of tea, mainly green tea it has aided people in losing weight.

The power of tea to increase the body’s metabolism is one of the reasons for this.

Tea also contains a compound called EGCG.

A Phenol that can shrink fat cells and can add to its weight loss properties.

The most popular tea associated with weight management is green tea.

Tea is a low-calorie beverage than coffee.

Even when accompanied by sugar and milk, the quantities of these add-ons are much lesser in tea than in coffee.

Coffee is also very often serve with high-calorie toppings like ice cream unlike tea – such external factors rank tea above coffee in their function of assisting weight loss.

Rich in Antioxidants

The amount of antioxidants in tea more than that in coffee.

Antioxidants boost body metabolism and make you feel fresh, healthy and strong.

They also protect cells from getting damage and maintain cellular health.

The antioxidants in tea are known to slow down the absorption of caffeine so controlling the effect of increasing energy levels to maintain a gradual progression of alertness.

This make sure that the energy boost induced by drinking tea does not deplete instantly.

Tea leaves behind coffee on this front also because these antioxidants through the elimination of free radicals in the body, boost your immunity and nourish the health of your skin.

Source of Lasting Energy

Caffeine is a naturally present in tea and coffee that helps you stay alert and energetic.

Scientific studies have shown that the amount of caffeine in tea and coffee is technically the same.

While tea leaves have a higher percentage of caffeine than coffee beans.

The process of brewing coffee releases more caffeine so a cup of coffee in its consumable form generally contains higher levels of caffeine than an equal serving of tea.

That is why there is a total balance between the amount of caffeine in these two beverages in their raw and brewed forms.

The amount of caffeine present in tea or coffee is examine by several factors including the time taken to steep and brew them.

One of the main reasons why tea should be chosen over coffee is the effect that the former has on you.

A cup of coffee elevates your energy level instantly and also energy will drop as fast as it peaked.

But the impact of caffeine in tea is more prolonged.

Tea helps you stay energetic for a longer period.


These reasons would have given you a clear picture of why you should choose tea over coffee if you wish to add a healthier drink to your daily diet.

And also it doesn’t mean that you can drink gallons of tea to derive its benefits.

It is crucial that beverages like tea and coffee must be consume in moderation.

WARNING : This article is for knowledge base only.


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