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      What is the Filtering Technology of N95 Mask used for COVID-19 | 2YODOINDIA


      Since the beginning of this year, the entire world has been plagued by an epidemic called coronavirus.

      This pandemic has infected millions of people around the world.

      Several thousand of these people have died.

      Major countries including India, America, Brazil, Russia, Italy, are badly affect by this epidemic.

      The number of corona infections in India has reached above 8.5 lakhs.

      The coronavirus epidemic has made it mandatory to wear masks when out of the house.

      Given the imperative of the mask, initially its demand increase so much that masks were not available in stores.

      To fulfill the mask, many technology companies, even smartphone makers have also announced to make masks.

      People started using homemade masks.

      Most people have started using masks made of homemade or cloth.

      The reason for this is that these masks can be reuse.

      But according to doctors, only the N95 mask can prevent the spread of coronavirus.

      The N95 mask uses a special type of filtering technology that can also filter COVID-19 viruses.

      A research paper submitted to the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University describes the technology used in N95.

      The common face mask works on a triple layer filtering principal.

      The filtering principal used in face masks has holes so small in the clothing layer that people may have difficulty breathing.

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      The N95 mask Works on 3 Types of Principals.

      Inertial Impact

      The size of aerosol or dust particle is 1 micron or more, which has sufficient inertia.

      When these particles fall on the mask material, they are filter with the help of its filtration layer.


      This principal is mainly use for particles whose size is more than 0.1 micron and less than 1 micron.

      Particles are also filtered through this principal whose inertia (inertia) is low.

      Electrostatic Attraction

      Through this principal mechanism, electrocharged polymers or resin fibers trap small and large particles in reverse charge. After which we get clean air by filtering.

      Mask makers design their N95 masks based on these three principals.

      This mask has sufficient ability to filter air, due to which this mask is recommitted.

      Also many maker of Indian technology products, has also recently launched its N95 mask.

      Mask with 5 layer protection.

      1. The first layer in this is of non-woven fabric.
      2. The second layer is of Melt Blown Fabric.
      3. The third layer hot air filter is given of cotton.
      4. The fourth layer of Melt Blown Fabric.
      5. The fifth and last layer features soft non-woven fabric.

      These N95 mask is FDA certified and approved by CE.

      According to the company’s claim, it works on a filtering efficiency of up to 99.5 percent.

      These mask can also filter particles with a 0.3 micron diameter.

      These can filter out viruses, bacteria, dust, droplets, and other harmful oyce-based particles.


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