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      U&i KHAKHI Audio Series Launched in India

      U&i KHAKHI Audio Series Launched in India. The U&i KHAKHI Series consist of U&i KHAKHI-3 Wireless Neckband, U&i KHAKHI-4 Wired Earphones, and U&i KHAKHI-2 TWS Earbuds. All three products come with many impressive features.

      Price in India

      U&i KHAKHI Series price set between Rs.699 and Rs. 2,499.

      The U&i KHAKHI-4 Wired Earphones will be available in seven color variants including white, peach, and pink.

      U&i KHAKHI-3 Wireless Neckband comes in four color options, black, blue, white, and green.

      The U&i KHAKHI Series is available across retail platforms in India.


      U&i KHAKHI-2 TWS Earbuds

      The U&i KHAKHI-2 TWS Earbuds are design for comfort and durability.

      U&i KHAKHI-2 TWS Earbuds come with sweat-resistant silicone ear tips and a lightweight ABS casing suited for all ear sizes.

      The U&i KHAKHI-2 TWS delivers up to four hours of playback from each earbud and the charging case can deliver up to 16 hours of additional playback.

      The U&i KHAKHI-2 TWS Earbuds can be fully recharge in 90 minutes and the product is available in a white colorway.

      U&i KHAKHI-2 TWS Earbuds is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity in addition to EDR.

      U&i KHAKHI-3 Wireless Neckband

      The U&i KHAKHI-3 Wireless Neckband has up to 40 hours of battery life and can be fully recharged in 3 hours via USB-C.

      U&i KHAKHI-3 is made from lightweight ABS and silicone materials which offers comfort during extended use.

      This wireless neckband supports passive noise cancellation, which makes calls to be crisp and clear.

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      U&i KHAKHI-4 Wired Earphones

      The U&i KHAKHI-4 Wired Earphones are design for comfortable use.

      U&i KHAKHI-4 Wired Earphones has large 10mm drivers and is compatible with laptops, tablets, smartphones, and music players.

      The U&i KHAKHI-4 Wired Earphones has soft and skin-friendly silicone ear tips and deliver all-round comfort even when use for long periods.

      U&i KHAKHI-4 has a 1.2m cord length and a gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack.

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