UPDATE : Gmail App Is Getting the Ability to Make Voice & Video Calls

Gmail is getting the ability to make and receive voice and video calls in one-on-one chats. You will now be able to call people using Google Meet directly from their Gmail mobile or Web apps.

The call will ring the Gmail app and not the standalone Google Meet app.

Google says the latter will also get the ability to make and receive VoIP calls in the future.

Google is also beginning the rollout of its Spaces feature a Slack-like product that lets users collaborate via group chats within the Gmail app.

The new features announced by Google that integrates the latest Workspace tools within the Gmail app that now has three tabs in Chat, Spaces, and Meet, alongside emails.

The Google Meet calling feature will let users directly place one-on-one calls without having to first generate a meeting link via the Gmail mobile or browser app in addition to being able to join Google Meet meetings.

The Spaces tab announced earlier this year as redesigned ‘Rooms’ is also beginning to roll out for Gmail users.

Google Said :

“Dedicated place for team collaboration” integrated with other Google Workspace tools including Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and Tasks. The group chat-like feature will let participants share documents and the space will preserve their full history of conversations. Google has details more features in its blogpost that will be add to spaces in the “coming months”.

Google Calendar has also got an update that allows team member set their location office, home, elsewhere for each workday in Calendar.

The Google is looking to add more tools for hybrid meetings.

Google will roll out a ‘Companion mode’ in Google Meet in November.

With ‘Companion mode’ feature, you can host or join a meeting from within a conference room using their laptop while leveraging the in-room audio and video without creating double audio feedback.

This will allow them to share presentations, documents, etc. to the meeting from their laptops as well as see shared material up close.

Google Meet will also get live-translate captions through the Companion mode by the end of the year.

Google has confirmed that they are presently working on translating meetings in English to French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The Google has also unveiled two new video-conferencing devices Series One Desk 27 and Series One Board 65 to expand its hardware portfolio.

The 27-inch (Series One Desk 27) is meant for small spaces and office or home desks and the (65-inch) Series One Board 65 is a 4K screen suits for larger spaces.

Google has certified third-party devices including the Logitech Rally Bar Mini and Rally Bar for Google Meet to support the newly launched features.


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