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      UPDATE : Twitter Searching in DMs is Easier and Users Can Now Look for Specific Keywords

      Twitter has roll out update for its microblogging platform that now allows users to search for specific messages in the direct message (DM) feature. Users did have the ability to search in the DMs but could only search for users or groups.

      Twitter introduce the search bar for DMs for its Android app and had mention the ability to let users search for specific content in the DMs.

      Twitter’s DM search feature was introduce for the iOS app two years prior to the Android app.

      Twitter announce that users will now be able to search for specific keywords and names in their inbox using the search bar.

      Twitter will show three options, People, Groups, and Messages, when users search in the DMs.

      You can now search for specific messages using this feature.

      Twitter first announce the keyword search feature for DMs back in May last year when it introduce the search feature for its Android app.

      Users only had the ability to search for specific users or groups they are a part of.

      The search feature was introduce for its iOS app in 2019.

      Twitter announce that users on iOS will now be able to capture GIFs from the in-app camera.

      You can share GIFs by clicking on the new tweet button, tap the photo icon, then the camera icon, make sure to select the GIF mode, and then press and hold the record button.

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      At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be an option to share the GIFs off the platform.

      Twitter only allows users to share a link to the GIF, signifying that there is no option to save the GIF on a computer or a smartphone.

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