Watch Video of India’s First Flying Car By Vinata Aeromobility Will Look Like Inside Out

India’s flying car company Vinata Aeromobility has bring its first concept an autonomous flying two-seater taxi that can vertically take-off and land. Flying Car has a unique biofuel-electricity hybrid powertrain and two types of propulsion technologies.

The Flying Car has four pairs of rotors place at each corner to help you take off and land from any surface or helipad.

Flying Car is power by an electric battery and they’ll only be use while taking off and landing.

The flying car has a biofuel-power propulsion system that, from the outside, seems similar to the quad exhausts on Bugatti’s latest track-focus hypercar concept, the Bolide.


We’ll have to wait to see how Vinata’s forward-moving mechanism works. 

Flying Car comes with a fully panoramic roof will give you a wide-angle view of the world around.

The first prototype Flying Car will break cover (and, hopefully, fly) at the Consumer Electronics Expo (CES) 2022.

Vinata’s flying car could help India’s transportation tech keep abreast of developments in other countries, where flying car are being attempted on a larger scale.


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