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What Does Your Signature Means About Your Personality | 2YODOINDIA

What Does Your Signature Means About Your Personality

Signature is not just a signature. It holds special significance in our lives. Signature is a representation of an individual and binds you to legal documents. The style of your signature can indicate a lot about your personality. The size, slant, placement, each detail about your signature says a lot about you.

Unclear Signature

You Are Arrogant

A clear sign is a choice.

If your sign isn’t clear, then it doesn’t mean that you are fast, it is something that you do consciously.

If you have a clear sign that means you are open, straightforward and you are willing to share.

And if your sign is unclear, then it means that you are arrogant.

Underline Signature

You Lack Confidence

Underlining your signature shows a need for responsibility and importance.

With this, it indicates lack of self-confidence.

Short Signature

You’re Impatient

If your signature is short or you write the letters very close to each other, then it means that you are impatient and have a weak concentration level.

Straight Signature

Even-Tempered Personality

A person with a straight signature that is easy to read is a person who is even-temper and balance.

Period Signature

You’re A Titan Of Industry

If you end your signature with a period, then it signifies that you are a strong business leader.

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Upward Slant Signature

You Think About Future

Your upwards slant future reflects your ambition and tendency to look towards the future.

Downward Slant Signature


Just like a sad face, a signature that slants downward signifies that you are a pessimist.

This means that you are always cautious, you are a person who weighs out the risks of the decisions before going ahead.

Rightward Slant Signature


A signature with a rightward slant means that you are a social person and have an outgoing personality.

A slant towards the left means that you don’t push yourself forward.

Initials Signature

Private Person

A person who only uses initials instead of full name in the signature is a private person.

It means that he/she is holding back something.

Nickname Signature

Fiercely Independent

A signature with just a nickname reveals that a person has an independent personality and has confidence in their own abilities.

Small Letter Size Signature

Self-Esteem Issues

Large signature shows that you have a sense of high status while medium sized writing reveals a balance of modesty.

Small writing means that you have low self-esteem.

Large Capital Letters Signature

You’re Proud

Big letters mean that you have high self-esteem and a strong sense of self-worth.

Unclear Letters Signature

Your Mind Moves Quickly

This means that you have an agile mind.

Last Name More Prominent Than The First Signature

You’re Cautious

If your first name is tough to read and you have a prominent surname, then it means that you are cautious and reserve.


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