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      What is a Pulse Oximeter | How Does It Work

      Daily records and overwhelming the health infrastructure and capacity, experts are making appeals to people to protect themselves and seek medical help in case they show Covid-19 symptoms.

      One of the most common symptoms of COVID-19 is a drop in oxygen levels a delay in treating it can put the person at risk for severe complications and even death.

      Pulse oximeter can help by alerting the person about the drop in oxygen levels.

      What is a Pulse Oximeter? 

      Pulse Oximeter is a small device similar to a cloth clip.

      You required to put one of their fingers inside the device and within seconds it gives the numbers showing the oxygen saturation levels in the person’s body measured as a unit of SpO2.

      Most healthy people get a reading of 95% and above.

      When a person has some health problems the reading can get below 95%.

      You should consult a medical practitioner if the reading falls to 92%-93%.

      The device also gives the heartbeat reading, ranging for a healthy person between 60 to 100 beats/minute.

      How Pulse Oximeter work? 

      The pulse oximeter measures the amount of oxygen sent to the part of the body far from the heart by beaming different wavelengths of light through the bloodstream when the finger is inserted into it.

      The haemoglobin in the blood then absorbs different amounts and wavelengths of light depending on the oxygen it is carrying and gives a numerical reading of its calculation.

      Why do you need Pulse Oximeter? 

      It is safe to keep a pulse oximeter at home and monitor your oxygen levels regularly daily,

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      In Case of a drop you can immediately seek medical assistance without losing time.


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