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      What is the Meaning of Letter ‘X’ Behind Last Coach of a Train | Answer Inside

      Have you ever wonder what does the letter ‘X‘ on the back of the statecoach of an Indian Railways train means? If this question has came to your mind, then let us tell you that Indian Railways has decode it. Taking to its official Twitter handle, the Ministry of Railways has decode the meaning of the white and yellow ‘X‘ mark paint on the last coach of its trains.

      The letter ‘X‘ on the last coach of the train denotes that the train has pass without any coaches being left behind.

      The presence of the letter ‘X‘ on the last compartment gives Railway Officials a confirmation that the train has pass in its entirely without any coaches being left behind.

      What Does Absence of ‘X’ Mark Behind a Train Means?

      If a train passes a station and the last coach doesn’t have the ‘X‘ mark, then the Station Master is ought to believe that the train is facing an emergency situation and it is moving without its last compartment.

      Last Coach of a Train also has a LV Sign

      If you notice, you will also find the letters ‘LV‘ written along with the ‘X‘ mark on the last coach of an Indian Railways train.

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      The term LV means Last Vehicle.

      It is use as a check by gatemen, signalmen and cabin personnel to ensure that the train travelling is whole and no coaches have accidentally decouple and left behind which could be a collision risk for the next train.

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