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      WhatsApp Job Scam : How Users are Being Targeted for Sextortion | Details Inside

      There are many hundred complaints that are being report with the police and on social media about the WhatsApp scam via international numbers. Many victim said that later sought the help of the police and the case was close in three months.

      Let us understand how the victims are being target through the unknown international numbers on WhatsApp.

      Job Scam

      Scammers offer you a job through a WhatsApp link, which they insist you to click.

      In the beginning, the victims are paid a small amount so that trust can be built, but, after wards, they end up losing both money and data.


      The most dangerous of them all is receiving a video call from an unknown international number on WhatsApp.

      When you have answer the call, the person (the fraudster) on the other side starts recording the phone screen and uses threatening tactics, claiming that he would turn the video into pornography and make it viral on social media platforms in order to threaten and defame the victim.

      Data for Telemarketing

      With new guidelines from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) tightening telemarketing rules, companies are turning to WhatsApp to reach out to users.

      To identify active WhatsApp numbers, companies use script software to make calls.

      Unfortunately, this compromises users’ privacy rights.

      Indian government has also taken stock of the situation and sent a notice to WhatsApp to look into the growing menace of international spam calls, terming it as misuse and breach of users’ privacy.

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      How to Protect Yourself from These Calls?

      Restrict Privacy

      The first step is to change ‘who can see’ settings on WhatsApp including the profile picture, last seen and online status.

      If you have ‘allowed to everyone’, change it to people in your contact list only.

      Enable Two-factor Authentication

      By enabling a two-factor authentication on your WhatsApp, an extra security layer gets added to your data.

      WhatsApp requires authentication from your email address, which enhances the overall data protection.

      Block & Report

      If you are already receiving such calls, the best thing to do is to report and block spam calls.

      So, the same number doesn’t make its way back to your phone and similar reports can encourage WhatsApp to disable the number.

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