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Winamp Media Player Is Coming Back

Winamp, the media player is coming back! Yes you got right as our favourite player from the ’90s is set to make a comeback with a redesign website, logo, and a new beta signup for users to test how Winamp will work.

If you were born after the 2000s, once upon a time streaming music wasn’t available.

Most of you either bought CDs from physical stores or downloaded MP3s which we then play either on Winamp or Windows Media Player.

What is Winamp?

Winamp was the music player of choice for many during that time.

Winamp Media Player comes with many colourful visualisers and retro skins, Winamp was the king of media players.

After 2005, the industry starting changing.

People starts preferring portable devices that have evolve into pocket size computers today.

The last version of Winamp v5.5 was release in 2007.

Winamp 5.8 was leak online in 2018, after which its publishers, Radionomy decide to publish the leak version on

After that, spotted first by Vosveteit, has receive a redesign and a new logo has been reveale for the media player.

If you want to be among the first to try out the new iteration of Winamp then register for a beta test on



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