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      ColorOS AI: Oppo and OnePlus Devices can Assist You in Many Ways | Details Inside

      Last Oppo and OnePlus introduce their AI power ColorOS New Year Edition update to users earlier March 2024. ColorOS New Year Edition offer many AI features design to make life easier.

      But now Oppo officially announce a new ColorOS AI feature, an AI assistant call as Xiaobu (for China) power by Oppo’s AndesGPT.

      Xiaobu will reportedly guide users in learning English, preparing for an interview, and many more.

      Features of ColorOS AI

      ColorOS AI helps you simulate interviews and learn the require skills in a chat form.

      You can experience this feature yourself on support Oppo and OnePlus devices by searching “Xiaobu Assistant” on the navigate screen, and selecting “Xiaobu Interviewer” inside the Assistant feature.

      This feature plays the role of an English teacher and also provides one-on-one oral practice to help you learn the language.

      It does that through oral practice, vocabulary Q&A, assistance with writing, translation and many more.

      To use this feature, you will find the “Xiaobu English Teacher” option inside “Xiaobu Assistant”.

      As of now, it is not clear whether the Xiaobu Assistant will help you learn any other language or not.

      Xiaobu Assistant can also reportedly write essays for you, assist you with your travel planning, and even do things like writing a review of a restaurant you visited.

      You will find this feature as “Xiaobu Dialogue” inside the assistant.

      List of Supported Devices

      • OPPO Find N3 series
      • OPPO Find X7 series
      • OPPO Find X6 series
      • OPPO Reno 11 series
      • OPPO Reno 10 series
      • OnePlus Ace 3V
      • OnePlus 12
      • OnePlus 11
      • OnePlus Ace 3
      • OnePlus Ace 2 Pro
      • OnePlus Ace 2
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