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      Apple iOS 18: Release Date | Features | Eligible Devices | Details Inside

      Apple’s 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference to take place very soon in early June with a keynote. As it is primarily a developer-focus conference, WWDC usually centers around iOS updates rather than new hardware.

      This time iOS 18 is expect to be the most significant software update for the iPhone.

      Apple CEO Tim Cook recently hint at major announcements related to Generation AI coming later 2024.

      As per his words, it’s easy to say that WWDC is the event where all the action might unfold.

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      Release Date of iOS 18

      The stable version of the iOS 18 will come along with the next-generation iPhone 16 series, likely in September 2024.

      Apple will give us an early glimpse at the same at its annual developers conference, which is to take place in June 2024 with the next-generation OS for Apple Watch, Mac, Apple TV, and many more.

      The first developer beta of iOS 18 is to be available in June, and we can expect to see the first public beta of the same in July or August.

      But, these builds will be far away from being perfect and are mostly meant for app developers and enthusiasts, who would like to experience the upcoming features ahead of the curve.

      Expected Features of iOS 18

      Apple’s iOS 16 and iOS 17 were modest updates, with very minimal visual changes.

      These two versions of iPhone software mostly focus on stabilising the OS by optimising the already existing core functionalities.

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      But the upcoming iOS 18 is said to be a lot different, delivering both UI-level changes and many of new features that add value to iPhone users.

      As per the report, iOS 18 has internally codename as “Crystal” and the development of the same is said to be in full song.

      iOS 18 is said to be inspire by the VisionOS.

      As we can expect elements like circular icons, and translucent UI that seamlessly blend with the whole operating system, and we could also finally see a revamp control centre, and the update is also said to introduce additional customisation features.

      Also, square-shape icons on iOS have a stable feature since iOS 1, it is also interesting to see if Apple will switch to circular icons to match the design ethos of VisionOS.

      While we might not see standalone AI features like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series on iPhones.

      Apple is expect to integrate AI capabilities into the already existing apps and services.

      The iOS 17.4 enable AI-generated transcripts on Apple Podcasts.

      Apple is said to add AI features to native apps.

      As per report, Apple is developing its own LLM (large language model) name as Ajax, which is said to offer ChatGPT-like generative AI features, and some of these will be integrate into Siri to offer an improve chat-like conversation experience.

      Same as Samsung, Apple is also expect to go for a hybrid AI integration, where, some of the features will be power by on-device computing and others will be power by cloud computing.

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      The mail app is also expect to get generative AI capability with the notes app, which might allow users to summerise and translate content natively on these apps.

      But, some of these features could be limit to the newer models.

      As per some reports, with iOS 18, Apple will introduce features like app sideloading, third-party payment gateway, third-party default browser, and many more to the global audience.

      Eligible Supported Devices of iOS 18

      More than 20 iPhones are likely to be eligible for iOS 18 update.

      The Apple iPhone XS and XR series might not be eligible for iOS 18, and any iPhone launch on or after iPhone 11 is likely to be eligible for iOS 18 update.

      Full list of devices that are expect to support iOS 18 update:

      • iPhone 11
      • iPhone 11 Pro
      • iPhone 11 Pro Max
      • iPhone 12 mini
      • iPhone 12
      • iPhone 12 Pro
      • iPhone 12 Pro Max
      • iPhone 13 mini
      • iPhone 13
      • iPhone 13 Pro
      • iPhone 13 Pro Max
      • iPhone SE (3rd Gen)
      • iPhone 14
      • iPhone 14 Plus
      • iPhone 14 Pro
      • iPhone 14 Pro Max
      • iPhone 15
      • iPhone 15 Plus
      • iPhone 15 Pro
      • iPhone 15 Pro Max

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