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      Dear ICC, We wants to Host Champions Trophy 2025 : Iceland Cricket Association

      Iceland cricket has issue a bid to host the Champions Trophy 2025. Iceland Cricket Association in a letter to the International Cricket Council (ICC) said that they wants to host the multi national tournament which was schedule to take place in Pakistan.

      Iceland Cricket Association said in addressed to ICC chairman Greg Barclay :

      "We are responding opportunistically and enthusiastically to the widespread rumours that the tournament will not be played in Pakistan due to the concerns raised by one Board that there are political and safety risks,".
      "We are hearing that a hybrid model will be preferred for the tournament. Although it is unclear to anyone exactly what this means in practice, we are interpreting it as a clarion call for our land of fire and ice to make a bid to host the tournament. We have the intent, the fan following and the available rocky land to host an excellent tournament,".

      As the weather conditions in Iceland “can at best be describe as sub-optimal during the months of February and March“, the Association said that the country “have an abundant supply of electricity and several electric panel heaters to always keep the players warm“.

      Iceland Cricket Association said :

      "Our volcanic ash soils are reported to have the highest infiltration rates of any in Europe, so the poor drainage commonly found in Asia will be no issue here,".

      While acknowledging criticism that it has “crappy windswept public parks“, the Association drew parallels with the ICC’s acceptance of the United States’ bid for the T20 World Cup in 2024, despite a lack of construct venues at the time of the hosting rights award.

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      Iceland Cricket Association argue :

      "Our bid would be superior to the one hastily put together by the USA, not least due to our global fanbase which numbers around 125,000 followers on X, more than double those of the supposedly superior Board ran by the Yanks,".
      "If you would like to discuss our proposal in more detail, we are happy to communicate online and we are also willing to develop a 3D virtual reality model of our future cricket grounds."

      Iceland cricket share this letter on X on 27th November 2023.

      Iceland Cricket Association said on X :

      "We are not people who hold back. We have today issued our bid to host the Champions Trophy of 2025, and we look forward to hearing what Greg Barclay of @ICC has to say about it."

      In a update on 28th November 2023, Iceland Cricket Association said :

      "We have not yet heard back from @ICC regarding the hosting of the Champions Trophy of 2025. This can only mean one thing they must have actually called a Board meeting to discuss our proposal's merits! We wait, eager and impatient for the good news."

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