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Google Chrome Rolling Out Customisable User Profiles.


Google Chrome Rolling Out Customisable User Profiles.

It means the update that will allow users to customise profiles within the browser using colours and backgrounds.

Benifits of Customisable User Profiles

  • Users can swap between these profiles and keep their personal space within the browser.
  • This will help people keep their profiles organise just the way they want them.
  • Users can also access their Chrome profiles on your other devices by synching them.
  • The user can create two profiles and quickly switch between the ones they need to access.
  • All the members of your family can have a user profile on Chrome on the same PC, and it can be access without cluttering the browser.
  • Users can choose their profile, or the ones they want when they restart Chrome.
  • This update also allows users to add all those articles that they want to read later, to their reading list in Chrome on Android and desktop.
  • It can also come handy where different family members use a single computer to get their work done.
  • Each member can create a colour-coded profile in the browser, and access a personal space within Chrome.
  • When you are using the browser, the colour and background will make it clear whether you’re log into the correct profile or not.
Note that The update is being roll out for Google Chrome for desktop.

This colour-coded multiple profile feature on Google Chrome is handy especially in cases where a single machine is use for both work and personal browsing.

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Google means that each profile on Chrome can have a colour scheme and background, bookmarks, and the saved passwords of a particular user.


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