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      How to Move From Google Podcasts to YouTube Music as Google Podcasts is Shutting Down | Step-by-Step Guide

      Google is officially shutting down the Google Podcasts app from 2nd April 2024. This news initially announce in September 2023, makes yet another discontinue project in Google’s projects.

      The Google Podcasts app was a popular choice which has over 500 million downloads worldwide.

      So Google is encouraging listeners to relocate to YouTube Music for their podcast fix.

      This step taken to create a “better overall destination” for listeners and creators.

      It promises YouTube-centric features around community, discovery, and the ability to switch seamlessly between audio and video content.

      How to Move From Google Podcasts to YouTube Music?

      If you are a Google Podcasts user, your subscriptions aren’t lost forever. 

      Google has given instructions on how to transfer your subscriptions to YouTube Music.

      Export from Google Podcasts

      Follow These Steps :

      • Open the Google Podcasts app
      • Tap “Export subscriptions
      • Now under Export section choose ‘Export to YouTube Music
      Import to YouTube Music

      Follow These Steps :

      • Open the YouTube Music app
      • Select “Transfer
      • Then tap “Continue
      • Lastly, “Go to Library” once the transfer completes.

      NOTE :

      • Transferring subscriptions may take a few minutes.
      • Not all podcasts may be available on YouTube Music.
      • You may need to use the show’s RSS feed link to resubscribe in those cases.
      • You have until July 2024 to complete this migration.
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      As many will continue their podcast journeys on YouTube Music, the shutdown of Google Podcasts marks the end of a well-receive app. 

      As with many past discontinuations, Google’s reasoning for shuttering a successful product remains somewhat unclear to the user base.

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