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      How to Setup a Smartphone for Elderly and Parents | Answer Inside

      Smartphones have become an important part of our lives, serving as tools for digital payments, staying connect with loved ones, and many more. If you’re considering purchasing a new smartphone for an elderly individual, it’s essential to take the extra step of setting up the device according to their preferences and needs.

      Ready to Use

      You might love to unbox a new phone, it’s wiser to present the elderly with a device that’s ready to use.

      This entails transferring their SIM card, microSD (if applicable), and migrating contacts, photos, and videos from their previous device.

      For safeguarding the device, attaching a durable case and screen protector is highly recommended.

      You might also consider a lanyard attachment to prevent accidental drops.

      Configure Security

      New smartphones offer an array of security features that can be set up during the initial configuration.

      It’s advisable to enable both facial recognition and fingerprint sensor authentication if available.

      Also, establish a memorable PIN code as restarting the phone often necessitates PIN verification.

      When adding an email ID, designate your email as the recovery address, and bolster security with two-factor authentication.

      Setup privacy settings by permitting only necessary app access and location tracking.

      On Android devices, it’s prudent to disable app installations from sources other than the Google Play Store.

      Install Minimal Applications

      Install applications that the elderly person is likely to use, including popular social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

      Configure entertainment apps like YouTube and music streaming services.

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      For ease of use, create shortcuts to frequently use apps on the home screen.

      Also adjust the app icon and font sizes for enhance readability.

      Enable Auto Mode for Services

      Ensure that the phone and its services remain up-to-date by enabling auto-sync, automatic backups, and software updates.

      This not only enhances functionality but also bolsters security by ensuring the latest patches are applied.

      Enable Assistive Features

      Modern smartphones offer an array of assistive features, such as spoken assistance, enlarge navigation buttons, and magnification.

      These features expedite access to essential functions.

      Depending on specific requirements, consider activating options like text-to-speech to enhance the smartphone experience for the elderly.

      After following these important steps, you can create a tailor and secure smartphone setup for the elderly, empowering them to make the most of their device while navigating the digital world with confidence and happiness.

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