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What is the Difference between Rock Salt and Iodised Salt | Explained by 2YoDo | Benefits of Eating Iodized Salt | Benefits of Eating Rock Salt | Iodine Vs Sodium | 2YODOINDIA

What is the Difference between Rock Salt and Iodised Salt | Explained by 2YoDo

There are many types of salts available in the market and for your kitchen. From iodized salt to rock salt, they offer different benefits and also work differently. Salt not only makes the food tasty but also benefits your health.

The real benefits depending on the salt you consume.

As per some people, it is best to consume iodised salt and at the same time, many consider the consumption of rock salt or natural salt to be healthier.

The amount of iodine present in the salt found in the market is high and people who enjoy a healthy lifestyle prefer rock salt.

Difference Between Rock Salt and Iodized Salt

Sea salt that is available in the market is rich in iodine, and at the same time, rock salt is prepare by grinding pink stones found in the Himalayas.

One teaspoon of table salt contains 2360 mg of sodium.

And the amount of sodium in 1 teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt is 1680 mg.

Rock salt contains one-third less sodium than table salt.

To follow a healthy lifestyle, you need to consume 140 micrograms of iodine a day.

Benefits of Eating Iodized Salt

Table salt is rich in iodine and sodium.

By consuming this salt, the body gets the require amount of iodine, which is consider the main source of nutrition for the thyroid gland.

Due to the lack of iodine in the body, there is a risk of increasing thyroid gland.

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Benefits of Eating Rock Salt

Sodium found in rock salt is less than in table salt.

So, sodium is present in almost all kinds of salt.

Due to the increase sodium in the body, you may also become a victim of heart-relate diseases.

Apart from this, sodium also increases weight.

So, eating too much rock salt can prove to be harmful to health.

Iodine Vs Sodium

Health-conscious Adv Ashish Mishra replace the table salt in food with rock salt.

Adv Ashish Mishra believes that rock salt is rich in minerals and controls blood pressure.

So, as per experts, both sodium and iodine are present in Iodized salt.

At the same time, rock salt is consider a better source of only sodium.

The intake of iodine is very important to stay healthy.

That is why, consuming only rock salt or avoiding table salt completely can cause many diseases.

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