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      WhatsApp’s Updates: Camera Zoom Controls, Enhanced Dark Mode, and Fresh Design Overhaul

      Dive into the latest updates from WhatsApp, where innovation meets user experience. In this roundup, we explore the exciting developments in the world of messaging, as WhatsApp unveils new features designed to enhance your interactions.

      From camera zoom control and sticker creation shortcuts to a sleeker, darker dark mode and a refreshed navigation experience with new icons, WhatsApp is evolving to offer users more intuitive and visually appealing ways to connect.

      Join us as we take a closer look at these enhancements shaping the future of messaging.

      WhatsApp Begins Testing Camera Zoom Control Feature, Sticker Creation Shortcuts

      WhatsApp is rolling out two new features to beta testers on iOS that add new capabilities to the popular messaging platform.

      The first feature makes it much easier to zoom when using the in-app camera on WhatsApp and the second feature allows users to quickly create new stickers from their Camera Roll, or use Meta AI to generate stickers, via new shortcuts.

      Both of these features are expect to make their way to all users on iOS and Android smartphones.

      Feature tracker WABetaInfo spot a new zoom control feature on WhatsApp beta for iOS

      Users who have sign up to receive beta versions of WhatsApp for iOS via TestFlight can now update to the latest version to access a new camera zoom control button that will let them switch between different zoom options when clicking images or recording videos on WhatsApp.

      WhatsApp currently allows users to pinch in and out on the viewfinder while using the in-app camera or, swipe up while holding down the capture button.

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      Both of these options aren’t as straightforward or intuitive as using a dedicated zoom button, which is expect to roll out to all users in the future.

      Earlier this week, WhatsApp rolled out another feature to beta testers with the WhatsApp beta for iOS update.

      Users who have install this version will see Create and Use AI shortcuts when the sticker selection panel is open on WhatsApp.

      The first shortcut will allow users to use an image from their Camera Roll to generate a new WhatsApp sticker using the application’s built-in sticker editor.

      This Use AI shortcut allows users to generate stickers with Meta AI, the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) service.

      Other features recently spot in testing on beta versions of WhatsApp include a new ‘Recently Online’ list that as the name suggests lists contacts who were previously active on the app.

      While, the service recently update its colour palette on iOS, displaying green buttons and text throughout the app.

      It could eventually add support for alternative colour accents on the app, which were first spot in development in January.

      WhatsApp Gets Darker Dark Mode, Redesigned Navigation, New Icons and More Design Changes

      WhatsApp has introduce a host of design changes to its mobile interface for both iOS and Android.

      Some new changes are quite subtle, while others are more discernable.

      There are also some additions to the layout like chat filters, which are said to help improve navigation.

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      WhatsApp says these changes increase the functionality of the application while maintaining its simple and approachable elements.

      With the new changes, the iOS and Android layouts of the app appear more similar than before.

      WhatsApp claim in a blog post that after considering over 35 colour palettes, the new, consistent green WhatsApp interface was chosen.

      The WhatsApp for Android has also receive a darker dark mode, with higher contrast and deeper tones to help reduce eye strain in low-light conditions and increase legibility.

      WhatsApp icons have also update with a round, outline look and to match these, there are new animations and redesigned illustrations.

      The original default doodle background has also subtly refresh. 

      As part of the design overhaul, Android users also get the bottom navigation bar on WhatsApp.

      This feature was roll out in March 2024.

      iOS users get a new attachment layout with an expandable tray instead of a full-screen menu.

      The recently introduce chat filters with separate tabs for unread messages and groups are also include in the redesign.

      An earlier report suggest that WhatsApp was testing a new zoom control feature which will allow users to switch between different zoom options when clicking images or recording videos directly in the application.

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