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      Which iPhone Features Make More Accessible for Persons With Disabilities | Details Inside

      2023, 3rd December is celebrate as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities by the United Nations in order to raise awareness and promote the welfare of persons with disabilities around the world.

      Now-a-days smartphones are the most use pieces of toy today, and technology firms have been making strong steps in developing technology to make these devices more accessible to users.

      As Google has introduce features like Action Blocks, Camera Switches, and Live Transcribe and Apple has new features like Assistive Access and Voice Control.

      With the iOS 17 update roll out to the iPhone XR and newer models up to the iPhone 14 series, Apple roll out features power by artificial intelligence that allow users at risk of losing their voice due to medical conditions to preserve a digital version that sounds like them, which can be use in apps.

      Live Speech

      iPhone users who have lost their voice or are unable to speak due to a medical condition can type what they want to say on their phone, it will be read out via the device’s speaker for conversations with a person facing them, or even during FaceTime calls.

      When part of a very active group conversation, you can also save certain phrases that can be tap at will, allowing them to join in the conversation.

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      This feature also works on iPad and Mac computers, as per Apple’s support documentation.

      Note this feature is for iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

      Personal Voice

      This feature is power by on-device machine learning, Apple’s new Personal Voice feature allows iPhone owners who have diagnose with a medical condition such as ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), degenerative conditions that can result in the loss of the ability to speak.

      The Personal Voice feature requires users to read out 15 minutes of random text that is generate on an iPhone or iPad, and the audio is then record for synthesis.

      When new voice has save, it should provide an artificially generate voice that sounds similar to your own voice.

      The Personal Voice feature is generate and process completely on the same device which can also be use with Live Speech for a more personal touch when communicating with people.

      Note this feature is for iOS and iPad.

      Assistive Access

      Apple provides a standard visual interface on iOS, but it can appear somewhat complex for users with vision-related disabilities.

      In order to make the iPhone and iPad user interface more accessible, Apple introduce a new Assistive Access mode with the update to iOS 17 that greatly simplifies the user interface for users who just want a simple interface.

      When Assistive Access enable users will see much larger icons and text labels with a simplified interface for optimise apps.

      They can also use bigger buttons for commonly use actions like answering calls, clicking photos, and navigating back to the home screen.

      This feature can also come in usefull for elderly users, making it easier for family members to stay connect with them. 

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      Note this feature is for iOS and iPad.

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